Around the Web: What is the Internet of Things and other reports relevant to libraries and librarianship

I'm always interested in the present and future of libraries and higher education. There's a steady stream of reports from various organizations that are broadly relevant to the (mostly academic) library biz but they can be tough to keep track of. I thought I'd aggregate some of those here.

Of course I've very likely missed a few, so suggestions are welcome in the comments.

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The Internet of Things is both a concept and application of cloud computing in which the items we use in our everyday lives, such as light switches, thermostats and sprinkler systems are all linked to a centralized component network. It includes software-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service, etc. (, 2015).
Examples of the Internet of Things (IoT) are:
1.Using your cell phone to set the thermostat of your house before you get there from work.
2.Many companies use the IoT to link their printers to the Internet and then order their own cartridges when needed. It might sound like rise of the machines but it is all logical reasoning programmed into a machine allowing it to connect and communicate with other systems.
3.You can set moods in the house with lights with the touch of a button from work.
4.When you go on holiday pet lovers have a way of communicating with their pets via Petcube.
The Internet of Things connects you, the people around you as well as the things you use in a large network.
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