Denialists' Deck of Cards: The Queen of Spades, "Big Government"

i-1467853897cbcc42485f4dd77ded8e65-qs.jpg The denialist can always raise the specter of "big government." As in, the proposal at issue will create bigger government, complete with appeals to fears of world government and stuff like satan. This is a high-risk card because big business loves big government.

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Somewhere, there should be a high-ranking card for "bury the report." Personally, I think it's an ace. I was gob-smacked when the Canadian government created a Commission on the Status of Women, got their report (after countless hearings and a year writing it), and then declared that the section on daycare would be sealed for ten years. Of course, after ten years, whatever it said about needing more & better daycare could be dismissed as out of date.

We still don't have a national daycare policy or anywhere near as many daycare spaces as we have children of working mothers; and there are still no standards for children over 10 because if the government set standards someone might ask them to provide daycare that met those standards.

Sometimes I think that the story of the Great Flood was wishful thinking.