An apology, from America, for Alex Jones

Dear British friends,

I am deeply ashamed, and mortified, on behalf of my entire country for the embarrassing phenomenon that is Alex Jones. I see you have learned now for yourselves, this disturbed, bizarre person, is quite possibly the worst guest you could have ever invited to be on a television show. I have enclosed the relevant clip below.

I feel the need to apologize, as Jones appears to represent the worst stereotypes of Americans; that we are loud, bullying, and rude, that we prefer to shout to win debates, that we have no manners compared to our cousins across the pond. Please understand, we find him just as awful as you do. He is just as uncivilized, rude, loud and obnoxious within our borders as he is without. If we could have avoided having him inflict his company on you, we would have, but sadly that is beyond our power.

I know you will say that you too have nutters that you have inflicted upon the world (David Icke comes to mind), but I would remind you that your nutters have always been unfailingly polite when they have visited us. I appreciate the enormous restraint Andrew Neil showed in only calling Jones an idiot while making the universal "crazy person" sign. I promise the next time I am in England I will try to offset some of this harm by buying rounds, speaking softly, and by no means mentioning the existence of Simon Cowell. I can see how you already have that problem in hand.

(start at minute 1:45)

MarkH (on behalf of America)

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Wow, I thought Alex was great. It was these creepy kooks who scared me.

This writer is bought and paid just like all the other MSM types. My 1st amendment protected opinion...

By John Smith (not verified) on 09 Jun 2013 #permalink

you dont speak for me im not sorry

By jack meyhoffer (not verified) on 09 Jun 2013 #permalink

They do put cancer virus in vaccine. They do put hydrofluoric-salicylic acid. in the water. These both cause cancer.

2013 Bilderberg attendees:

-Craig B. Thompson, President and CEO, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
-Daniel L. Vasella, Honorary Chairman, Novartis AG
-Mark C. Fishman, President, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research

By Pat Henry (not verified) on 09 Jun 2013 #permalink

More disgusted in the people who let the MAFIA Run this world without critical opposition.

Not prosecuting wall street criminals
Killing US citizens with out judicial process
Promising to close Guantanamo bay reneging then abusing prisoners inside.
Illegal wire tapping
Operation fast and furious
Giving a no bid to the biggest profiteer in the Iraq war Halliburton
TARP bailout
Giving tax money to AIG
Supporting the patriot act
Increased national debt pass the point of oblivion

Thanks Alex Jones you opened my eyes to these above.

Alex is awesome - BBC can go f**k themselves

By rob greenaway (not verified) on 09 Jun 2013 #permalink

Alex Jones is an embarrassment to humanity. The only thing he has ever 'blown the lid off' is his willingness to lie, and then double-down on the lies to make money from weak minded people who want to be spoon fed easy answers to hard issues while being stroked and told how smart and special they are.

His audience is a near perfect, and ongoing, example of the Dunning-Kruger affectation. So ignorant of their own ignorance that they think they are smart.

The saddest part is that it is those weak-minded credulous dupes who Alex Jones exploits for fun and profit. He has made his fortune off their weakness.

Sorry buddy, but you don't speak for America. Go back to boot licking and bending over for the corporate elite you pathetic coward.

By Roger Baines (not verified) on 09 Jun 2013 #permalink

What exactly did alex say that was incorrect?

Denialism Blog Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa....Honey you can't handle the truth. It's over for sellouts like yourself!

Alex Jones doesn't have manners? The host invites a guy that is well known to have blown up on Pierce Morgan's show, they knew what they were getting into, and they egged him on by telling him to shut up. Alex Jones is more interesting than your blog, and just because you buy into the stereotype, there are plenty of Englishmen who are loud, rude, and obnoxious.

By Hacha Cha (not verified) on 10 Jun 2013 #permalink

Sorry, typo there, meant to say, just because you buy into the stereotype that the English are polite, doesn't mean there aren't plenty of Englishmen who are loud, rude, and obnoxious.
Alex was just being Alex. The BBC got what they ordered.

By Hacha Cha (not verified) on 10 Jun 2013 #permalink

The problem with conspiracy theories is of course no one can "prove" them wrong hence any attempt to explain how life works is just another conspiracy. Alex Jones is doing nothng positive, nothing constructive just embarassing himself. If he calmly argued his point he'd be taken seriously. Instead we in the UK had a great laugh and how ignorant he was. By the way the moment the cameras stopped rolling he shut up and was fine again. It's all about Alex...

I tried to count the number of blatant lies (couched in wishy washy language) jones spat out during one of his eruptions of verbal crap: they came so quickly I could not keep up.

It is sad to listen to him: I don't know whether he truly believes what he says or whether he is simply playing the foolish (some of whom seem to have shown up in previous comments) for financial gain. Scary is the fact that so many people listen to him and seem to believe him. Reality, apparently, does not matter to the horde.

They knew who this moron's no secret that he's aggressively deluded. This "interview" was about ratings...people love to see a spectacle like Jones spew a tirade of nonsense at sensible folk. Not unlike Glen Beck on steroids...sharing his secret knowledge against the elite-run media. It's not serving anyone to give this "idiot" and his claims more attention. Hard to blame Jones for taking advantage of an opportunity - shame on the BBC for giving it to him.

A very cranky commentariat indeed.
@#1 Joe - that is sad, he appears to be little more than a bully that yells louder and louder as people disagree with him. Hardly admirable behavior.
@#2 John Smith
Umm, yeah, that's it. The surgical resident who has never had employment outside University health systems is exactly the guy "the man" is buying off.
@#3 Jack
So I guess Alex does represent his audience, as they seem to have no problem with what is seen by most people as bullying, followed by unhinged ranting. Charming. You must be fun at family dinners.
#4 Pat Henry
Bullshit. The usual psuedoscientific misunderstanding of biology that Alex spews from his site. Infowars is so bad at risk assessment, including when it comes to biology, as to be laughable. I mean, last month they published a report on GMO nutrient content in which they mistook a soil survey for an analysis of plants. I loved his refrain "it's documented", yeah by him, and the other scientific incompetents that so wonderfully demonstrate Dunning-Kruger over at infowars.
@UK #5
Did Alex Jones uncover a single one of those news stories? Hmmm, those were all covered by MSM.
@#7 Art
Yes! Dunning Kruger. They should read the Unified theory of the crank, they seem to already be following the Crank HowTo
@#8 again with the corporate elite. I'm so confused, what corporation have I ever worked for? Nat Geo? They send me little more than beer money for this blog.
@#9 The better question is what has he said that is correct. I think he got the address for his website correct, that's about it.
@Hacha Cha
" just because you buy into the stereotype that the English are polite, doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of Englishmen who are loud, rude, and obnoxious."
I said we weren't going to mention Simon Cowell!

It is absolutely horrifying to me that someone as obviously mindless and talentless as Alex "reptile men are coming to get me" jones has any kind of fallowing in this country at all. I can only hope that the demographic that is lacking in critical thinking skills enough to actually agree with this mans lunacy are the same people who think dinosaurs were house pets for Noah. If they are not and there are actually TWO groups large enough to make this obserdety profitable then we are in some serious trouble as a civilization.

Monsanto products are being banned in Europe

Can they do us a favour and make him disappear?

The problem with Alex Jones is that their is truth among the madness. His manner then discredits the truths - so that anyone else examining such issues is also considered a "kook". Alex is making money off the hysteria he creates. The more furor the better. Hence his famous bull horn. But some of his points are better made by Christopher Hitchens (i.e Kissinger).

I wonder if he is not being fed some propaganda - from agents trying to divide and conquer- American sentiments. IF so he is an excellent parrot - fly away little bird - fly- fly.

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