Does anyone know this jellyfish by name?

A reader from the UK sent me these lovely photos that he took of a jellyfish and asked for my help in identifying it. Unfortunately, while I'm pretty good with bacteria, plants, and tropical fish, my taxonomy skills don't go much farther unless I have a sample of DNA.

These photos were taken at La-Manga off the coast of southern Spain.


My Sciblings have guessed: Rhizostoma, Stomolophus meleagris, or Mastigas


If you know, we'd all appreciate an answer in the comments.

And if you don't know about much jellyfish, RPM at evolgen would like your help answering a different reader's question: When a manatee swims, does it get water up its up nose?

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I'd have to go with Rhizostoma pulmo. The look and the location are right. There's also a similar beastie that hangs around the UK called Rhizostoma octopus.

rhizostoma pulmo

Thats definately the one that sung me in the Mar Menor,La Manga !!

I swam into it whilst snorkling just INSIDE the safety nets (yeh right!) and I thought I'd swam into a plastic bag until my face HURT !!

I swam to shore quicker than Phelps !!