Seattle's 1,000,000 comment party: the movie

Okay, watching some of the other movies makes me realize that I've been very negligent in not uploading ours.

Without further ado, here it is.

Can you guess the age of the person who made the movie? I'll give you a hint. It wasn't me.

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hey! my ankles have been immortalized!

Peter: That's as it should be. You won the prize for most interesting socks and shoes.

I liked Peter's socks and hair.

I noticed that some of us like to talk with their hands.


In my defense, my oldest son's first expressive language was ASL (which he dropped as he learned to speak through many years of speech therapy).

By the way, my hubby was alarmed that I got a ride to a near neighborhood by one of folks there. He thought it was dangerous. Nah... all the folks who came were very nice. As it turns out this weekend I am going to come with him when he meets the real people in the flesh who he plays World of Warcraft with. He was surprised I was willing to come. How could I resist after watching this:

That sounds great Chris! It was fun meeting you.

I don't know about meeting WOW players though....

Be careful who you ride home with. :-)