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I have just posted my final post to In The Agora, the group blog I've contributed to for the last several months. It was not an easy choice to make, and I'm sad to have to make it, but I just can't devote the time to it that I would like. I've got this blog, which is obviously my first priority, plus the Panda's Thumb, which I co-founded and obviously can't give up. That left me with two other group blogs that I was contributing to, ITA and Positive Liberty, and most of the time I've been so busy that I've just been cross posting the same material to each of them. That is not the attention that either of them deserves, though, and something had to give. I have enormous respect for Josh Claybourn and Paul Musgrave, the ITA founders who offered me the opportunity to contribute there (and I have no doubt that both of them are on their way to making major contributions to America's public intellectual life), and I want to thank them for doing so. But Positive Liberty is a joint project with three really extraordinary people that I'm not willing to give up at this point, so in the end that won out.

I also expect to have a major announcement about the future of this blog soon. There are some negotiations going on that will likely take this blog to a new level of professionalism and opportunity. I hope to have it all wrapped up in the next few days and as soon as I do, I'll have full details for everyone.

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I hadn't seen Carter's response. It hardly seems worth responding to, given the structure of the argument ("I presume they also believe X and X conflicts with their statement here, so their statement here must be wrong"), but perhaps I'll take the time later.

only slightly puffing up the spin here: this blog has merits and values that can't really be duplicated by cross postings to other sites, nor at all by nearly all the rest of the blogsphere. The quality of the discourse is well deserving of the moniker "public intellectualism" in that so many offer their views with such good taste and acumen. Whatever the new level of "professionalism and opportunity" i for one applaud your efforts and will continue to read them daily.

Ed, although ITA is a great blog, I'm really glad you're sticking with PL. PL is my favorite blog to visit, and to have you and Jason and Jon and Tim all writing there now makes it an incredible resource that is unmatched anywhere else on the blogosphere. All my favorite writers in one place, how can it I lose?

I also look forward to your big announcement. Wait, I think I've got it. You've moving to XM, aren't you? You sneaky devil.

By chrisberez (not verified) on 17 Nov 2005 #permalink