Dispatches is Moving

Okay folks, moving day has arrived. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, this blog is moving to a new location to be part of a project sponsored by Seed Media Group. That project officially rolls out Wednesday morning. To get to the new Dispatches from the Culture Wars, use the following link:


For my fellow bloggers who link to this page, please update those links as soon as possible. For my regular readers, please join me at the new location. I've moved the last few posts over there for some continuity. My plan is to keep this page looking the way it is for a few days, then I'll be adding an automatic redirect so when people come here it will send them automatically to the new blog.

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I went over to the new site, and tried to post a comment. It required a new registration. Unfortunately, I'm not going to to the effort of re-regeristing yet again merely to comment. And I will not bother with blogs that makes comments difficult.

Schluss mit dir

I like the new blog - easier to read. Re: The other comment - I guess the name says it all!

decrepit and ocellated-

The archives will remain alive here. The front page will go away at some point, but the archives will all remain in place so your links to specific posts should be fine for as long as I own this domain. I'm not about to do away with all the work I've put into this, and I'll frequently have to refer to old posts myself.


You don't have to register anything new over there. It uses typekey just like this one does so you can use the same account you used here.