Rabbi Declares Victory on Jerusalem Event

Rabbi Yehuda Levin, the wingnut American rabbi who has been trying to destroy the Jerusalem gay pride event, is declaring victory after confining the event to a stadium and keeping it off the streets.

Rabbi Yehuda Levin of the New York-based organization Jews for Morality is in Jerusalem to protest the parade. He feels Israel's ultra-liberal Supreme Court has been very accommodating to homosexual activists; but nevertheless, he says, "the strong showing by the religious people of the city [of Jerusalem] was very effective in banishing the homosexual militants to the periphery, and as such, this is definitely a victory."

But of course, he also reveals that he has much bigger goals:

Still, Levin observes, it is "sad" that homosexuals are being allowed to cavort publicly in a stadium in Jerusalem. He finds it regrettable that Jerusalem officials have made even this much of a concession to the homosexual activists, and laments that America has exported its "anti-cultural smut" abroad.

Apparently, the mere fact that gays are allowed to gather in groups is too much of a concession...to what, exactly? His reasoning suggests the larger answer:

"The reason this is so important, this issue, is first of all because this is an assault on the very essence of holiness," the New York rabbi contends. Jerusalem and Israel are "universally acknowledged as the Holy City and the Holy Land by people of all faiths," he says, "so this is like an attack to the epicenter, to the spiritual nerve center of world."

If gays gathering in groups is an "attack" on the "holy land", isn't the existence of homosexuals there at all also such an attack? After all, the Bible declares homosexuality itself to be an abomination, not homosexual gatherings. It isn't gay pride events that Levin and his fellow nuts object to, it's their very existence. Their ultimate goal is to remove them entirely, not merely to take away their right to association and protest.


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Thanks to Bartholomew for linking me to this blog by a rabbi named Lazer Brody who almost makes Yehuda Levin seem sane by comparison. He is allied with Levin in trying to destroy the rights of gay Israelis to march through any means necessary, including violence. In this post, he talks of Levin's…
It always amuses me just how powerful the anti-gay loonies think homosexuality is. It's so powerful that it causes the very tectonic plates to crash together, causing earthquakes in San Francisco. It causes the weather patterns to change, causing hurricanes in Florida and New Orleans. And all of…
Agape Press got pretty much everything wrong in this report on the upcoming gay pride event in Jerusalem. Here's the full text: Homosexual activists are making some demands of Israel's highest court in efforts to promote their deadly lifestyle in the Holy City. At a recent summer festival in…
And here's a perfect example. Rabbi Yehuda Levin is still ranting like a lunatic about the gay pride event in Jerusalem, as Agape Press reports. And you're gonna love this logic: Orthodox Jewish rabbi Yehuda Levin fears that this homosexual pride event is turning the Holy City into a "homo city…

"universally acknowledged as the Holy City and the Holy Land by people of all faiths,"

Apparently he hasn't heard of Hindus... or Wiccans... or Taoists... or.... or....

Interesting how he refers to the gays as 'militant', rather than the religious groups who threatened them with violence. I guess if the gays were 'militants', the religious groups can be called 'terrorists'.

It is worth checking out this particular 'meshugeh rebbe' and his website. (Since I have frequerntly, as a Brooklynite, taken pride in some of the great people from this boro, I have to admit that we are stuck with him as well. Interestingly enough, unlike most rabbis, his phone is unlisted, but I wouldn't be surprised if he is a relatively near neighbor of mine.) His site http://www.jewsformorality.org/index.html#A
is fascinating in a horrible sort of a way, and if you haven't eaten in the past hour or so, you should read the article

By Pinchas HaCohen

which comes to the following conclusion:

"What do you think? Who caused the bloodshed at the march?

Was it the young man, a quiet Talmudic scholar, father of five, with no police record, who stated that he acted "in the name of G-D..."

...Or was it the left-wing politicians and the left-wing judiciary, who forced this abomination on an unwilling populace?"

In fact, read down the entire list of articles, which include pieces from Chuck Colson, Thomas Sowell, Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, Joe Sobran (who was fired from the National Review for anti-semitism, and the WorldNutDaily. There are several articles against evolution. and four on Katrina being God's punishment on the sinful New Orleans.

One final selection from the site, in an article arguing to drive the "Jerusalem Open House" out of Jerusalem:

Since its founding, in 1997, the Jerusalem Open House (JOH) has operated as a missionary organization, actively promoting homosexuality among Arabs, Christians, and Jews in Israel and all over the world

The JOH is no minor player among homosexual advocacy groups. It is well-funded by the New Israel Fund, a left-wing organization that promotes secularism in all areas of Israeli society and is affiliated with the multi-billion dollar Ford Foundation in the United States.

Its strategy is simple: Make homosexuality a 'legitimate' option for everyone by removing the social stigma that has traditionally been attached to it.

The weapon of choice is "Chutzpah": Take a disgusting, perverted, unhealthy activity that is morally despicable, and present it to the public as something dignified and noble--a source of 'Pride'.

All faiths! All of them! Every one of them! They may pretend they don't know it but they do! Ha!

This is right up there on my list of examples of abject ignorance of the diversity of religion. My other favorite being all those people who insist that "One nation under God (singular)" isn't establishing a religion because all religions believe in a god (singular).

Except for the Hindu, Wiccans, Taoists, Shinto, atheists, etc.

I guess they don't count.

And then there was the creationist who warned us about the secret atheist churches...

By Michael Suttkus, II (not verified) on 14 Nov 2006 #permalink

And then there was the creationist who warned us about the secret atheist churches...

How can we keep them secret if you keep blabbing?

I am not an atheist! Ah ha! Now the secret is out! You do have secret atheist churches where you go to worship no-god! Or not-worship no-god. Wait, is that a double negative? It doesn't matter.

You are caught! Where are the secret atheist churches! Where! Where! Answer or I will make you listen to a three hour sermon on the importance of clean living!

By Michael Suttkus, II (not verified) on 14 Nov 2006 #permalink

Not only is this rabbi painfully self-centered in his belief that Jerusalem and Israel are "universally acknowledged as the Holy City and the Holy Land by people of all faiths," but I also find it interesting that apparently America invented homosexuality, or at least homosexual pride. I bet there are a whole bunch of out-and-proud ancient Greeks who might argue that point. And some of the argued very energetically...

And how can you say that a group of people with similar agenda are "anti-cultural"? It is possible that they are "anti-my-culture", but that is hardly the same thing, even if you accept it as truth.

By Anuminous (not verified) on 14 Nov 2006 #permalink

I can raise you on Rabbi Wingnut's comments: check out Rabbi Lazer Brody:

Ignoring four different petitions, the justices turned a blind eye to public safety, majority (75-85%!) sensitivities, and to the essence of the Jewish State, and have upheld the Attorney General's order to allowing the Impurade to take place...But once again, Hashem won't let them. Only 48 hours before the planned Impurade, the Israeli Artillery made a mistake so miserably bad, that it can only be a miracle: From a relatively short range, they were off target by nearly 1000 meters, killing 19 Gazans. The Palestinians have now cancelled their hudna, and are screaming for revenge. Israeli internal security has nearly 100 warnings of imminent terrorist threats. The police went back to the courts and claimed that with 12,ooo blues guarding the pinks, then Israel's security would have black prospects. So once again, Hashem has prevented the Impurade. The parade has now been toned down to a rally within the confines of the local university, which is anyway deep-seeded with intellectual and spiritual impurity.

"universally acknowledged as the Holy City"hmm. Charleston likes to claim that. And come to think of it, Varnasi does also. Perhaps we should send the good Rebbe for a dunk in the Ganges...

By jbCharleston (not verified) on 14 Nov 2006 #permalink

The strong showing by the religious people of the city [of Jerusalem] was very effective in support of Dawkins view of the Holy Land. He describes the Holy Land as the least enlightened place in the world, a microcosm of the threat to rational values and civilisation posed by religion, whose irrational roots, he says, are nourishing intolerance and murder.

I guess, the Root of All Evil?
I would like to add, they aren't acting very friendly either.

The Holy Land seems to include the qualities as described by Richard Dawkins to a "T".

If Levine is right about America exporting its "anti-cultural smut" abroad, abroad has something to worry about.

Some telling correlations on this page.
(Scroll down and start reading at "Results" section for the nitty-gritty.)

Cross-National Correlations of Quantifiable Societal Health with Popular Religiosity and Secularism in the Prosperous Democracies

By Gene Goldring (not verified) on 14 Nov 2006 #permalink