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Note to Senator Larry Craig. Now you can have "intimate contact with an anonymous stranger [in a public toilet] without the associated awkwardness of verbal discourse". No toe tapping required. Just look for the yellow color in the new thermochromic toilet seat (h/t Boingboing).

This beauty glows when it's warm, so that you can always sit on a toilet seat recently vacated by a stranger and get that nice warm feeling of "the other." Just look for the yellow (hot) Springfield Oval. And enjoy. Here's a pic:


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Well, what else would you need any more... :)

I apologize that this comment does not address the subject to which it's attached, but I did want to bring it to Revere's attention, so this seemed the most efficient way.
I came across this article from todays Chattanooga Times Free Press: (… ). Though most of it seems accurate enough and any press given to this subject should be welcomed and encouraged, I found the following statement by the director of the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department - Mr. Ray Burden surprising: Mr. Burden said an outbreak of bird flu is less likely to occur in the United States because of the highly industrialized nature of the poultry industry, in which animals typically are checked weekly or daily for diseases. It had been my impression that it was the highly industrialized nature of our poultry industry that creates so many of the conditions favorable to the rapid evolution of HPAI.

Paul: It is a silly statement. The big owners buy the chicks, feed and drugs but don't run the farms. Those farms are run by small fry farmers who are indebted to the Tysons etc. and cut corners all the time. You are correct. The poultry industry is just one huge bioreactor for a bird virus.