Introducing the Mount Baker Volcano Research Center

Mt. Baker in Washington. Image taken by John Scurlock.

Eruptions reader Robert Somerville brought to my attention the Mount Baker Volcano Research Center, a "clearinghouse for research on Mt. Baker" in Washington state. The center is a non-profit organization that is affiliated with the Geology Department at Western Washington University - and from the looks of the website, they've already done a great job in compiling a lot of information about Mt. Baker, including an excellent eruptive history of the volcano. Mt. Baker is one of the most active Cascade volcanoes, with active fumarolic activity at the summit (forming ice caves in the multitude of glaciers). Mt. Baker was also the site of a strong increase in fumarolic activity/hydrothermal activity in the mid-1970s that had people worried the volcano was going to erupt. It didn't and the thermal increase dissipated over the next year. A hazard map for Mt. Baker prepared by the USGS shows a lahar threat to many of the towns along the Nooksack and Skagit Rivers toward Puget Sound.

The MBVRC is exactly the sort of website that many of us igneous petrologists/volcanologists would love to see for many volcanoes as it collects the multitude of maps, data sets and geochemical information for the volcano in one place. Sometimes, just finding basic information about volcanoes can be difficult so any site that can help share information will be welcome.

Of course, like any non-profit, the MBVRC needs to acquire funding to support their work. Until MAY 4th, you can order an MBVRC t-shirt with the proceeds going to support the center and potentially help fund research on Mt. Baker. If you are interested in purchasing a t-shirt or want more information, you can contact the MBVRC at shirts [at] The info on the shirt (and the design) are as follows:

Orders outside the US- please add $5 for shipping
Men's short-sleeve: $15 each
Men's long-sleeve: $20 each
Women's long-sleeve: $20 each
Women's heavy cotton short-sleeve: $15 each
Women's light cotton short-sleeve: $17 each
Kid's short sleeve: $15

PAYMENT: Please pay right away with a check (US funds only), made out to Mount
Baker Volcano Research. If you are on Western Washington University's campus, you
may leave this check, in an envelope, in Dave Tucker's box in the Geology Department
office. Or, mail it to: Shirts c/o Dave Tucker 708 13th St. Bellingham, WA 98225 USA
In all cases, with your order, PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS SO WE CAN

i-ad28bb0c2ceb5495b586be9f604e447a-2009 MBVRC shirt ad .jpg

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