Eruptions Summer Schedule

Mineral King valley in California.

Well, we are in the peak of the summer, so Eruptions will be running a bit of summer schedule while I'm off away from the interweb tubes. First off, from July 11-20, I'll be off in the mountains, doing some much-needed fieldwork with my (first) undergraduate research student. We'll be up in the Mineral King area of Sequoia National Park looking at some old rhyolites and granites - we're talking Triassic and Jurassic submarine and subaerial calderas! We'll hopefully be taking a look at zircons in these rocks to help constrain the timescales of these enigmatic early "Sierran" volcanics (all as a part of a larger Keck Project).

While I'm out in the field, look for some posts that will show up (hopefully automatically):
- Guest blogger Dr. Ed Kohut will give us a tour of the Mariana Islands and magma genesis in that volcanic arc.
- A new Eruptions Word of the Day.
- Mystery volcano photos that will hopefully stump more of you.
- And an open thread for you to post in case something exciting happens ... or to discuss whatever volcanic topics catch your fancy.

Enjoy the summer while I'm out in the rocks ... !

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I will be away from Eruptions for the next 2 weeks or so. I won't be on vacation, I will actually be out on volcanoes themselves doing some much-needed fieldwork. It is a three volcano tour, starting with a trip to Lassen Peak to get a guided view with Michael Clynne of the USGS (the world expert…
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Enjoy your fieldwork Erik, hope the weather holds up for you.

Bon Voyage and welcome to Sunny CA. The weather has been remarkably mild this year, in Lassen some of the roads are still shut due to snow. It should be lovely in the mountains.

By parclair, NoCal USA (not verified) on 09 Jul 2010 #permalink

Erik, it's so Finnish to get off for a (four weeks) while! :D

Enjoy; summer's just once a year, while fall & winter are there every year!

By Kultsi, Askola, FI (not verified) on 09 Jul 2010 #permalink

Have a wonderful Holiday,even if it is a slightly "working" one.You've earnt it !


By Adrian,Dorset, UK (not verified) on 09 Jul 2010 #permalink

Erik, enjoy yourself and enjoy introducing your student to your field. Other half will be on Victoria Island NWT doing sill studies (Minto Inlier) starting Monday. We'll hold the fort and wait to hear about the summers' work.

By birdseyeUSA (not verified) on 09 Jul 2010 #permalink

Have fun visiting the Keck project!!! Say hi to any F&M'ers for me

Good zircon hunting, Erik! Ar least CA in summer shouldn't be hampered by bad weather. Looking forward to your guest blogger, since the Marianas seems to be both highly active and little reported, maybe because so many of its volcanoes are submarine

Erik! i envy you!

I was in Sequoia National Park when i was just 8 :(
I remember a lot of things in it but...not geologic ones.
I hope that you will make a lot of photos and you or a your student will show them to us.

Have a nice trip

By Dario Leone (not verified) on 09 Jul 2010 #permalink

Erik I've been to Mineral King many times, though long ago. The White Chief Caves (in marble) are really fun to explore so bring your caving gear if you've got any. And there are about a zillion fossils high up on one of the mountains nearby.

By mike lyvers (not verified) on 09 Jul 2010 #permalink

A few weeks back there was some discussion about volcanic tremor at the New Zealand volcanoes,...which turned out to be wind noise. Well, that the wind has apparently died down down under,...true volcanic tremor is visible on the Ruapehu and White Island seismometers. This is "normal" activity for both volcanoes but,'s best not to ignore a rumbling volcano!

By Rodger Wilson (not verified) on 10 Jul 2010 #permalink

With the above normal snow pack this year, mid-July should mean clouds of mosquitos in the head waters of the Kern and Kahweah rivers. Don't forget your DEET!

Enjoy the vistas of the Kahweah Peaks Ridge to the northeast of Mineral King! The deep red and black coloration of the metavolcanic roof pendant stand out strikingly against a sea of glacially carved Sierran granites.

Don't forget about the Quaternary volcaninc field (Toowa Volcanics) just a few miles to the east of the Kern River canyon in the Golden Trout Creek drainage just southeast of the park boundary! I've always wondered about the origin of these cinders cones and basalt flows atop the middle of the Sierran batholith?

Enjoy the rocks while us stay-at-homes mess about online! Thanks for providing us with some entertainment while you are in the field.

By JSB, Seattle, US (not verified) on 10 Jul 2010 #permalink

Nice steam plume atop Lady Eyja this morning... beautiful view for any of those looking at Hvolsvelli cam :)

By Helen Leggatt (not verified) on 10 Jul 2010 #permalink

@Yes, Helen We are all happy to see Lady E back to action. I'ts just a light steam plume, but the steam and the puffing provides beautiful color patterns at sunlight. So far we think it's just water filling the cracks, still filled with hot lava.

By Renato I Silveira (not verified) on 10 Jul 2010 #permalink

Someone take a look at the Katla cam. Looks like a steam plume and possible vent to my untrained eye.

By Jeff Corbin (not verified) on 11 Jul 2010 #permalink

Hmmm far left on Katla cam... shadow or dark cloud?

By Helen Leggatt (not verified) on 11 Jul 2010 #permalink

... dark cloud....

By Helen Leggatt (not verified) on 11 Jul 2010 #permalink

Who is doing your the zircon geochronology? If you're interested in possible edimentary recycling into the magma, make sure you also get oxygen and hafnium isoqtopes done.

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