Pi Day bake-off pie roundup (with pie charts).

Here are my entries to the ScienceBlogs Pi Day Bake-off:


End-of-winter fruit pie
Apples and amaretto-soaked dried fruit in a nut crust. Dense and rich.


'I want to taste springtime!' violet custard pie
Delicate, creamy, and a little bit fantastic (seeing as how it requires harvesting petals from a couple hundred violets).


Quick and easy, with the perfect balance of molasses and crumb topping.


Tea-time cheesecake pie
Tea-scented cheesecake topped with citrus-y marmalade.


Foolish rhubarb pie
Tart, sweet, and creamy, rich and yet light


Lemon-berry pie
Lemon curd in a gingersnap crust, topped with fresh berries. Just the right amount of pucker.


Vegetarian shepherd's pie
Savory fake meat with vegetables and a smashed potato topping. A satisfying dinner after a day of herding the tofu.


Chocolate-almond meringue finale
The almond-y meringue is on the bottom, filled with a silky smooth, sparingly sweet chocolate custard. My favorite pie of all time.

And, here are some pie-charts that give you at-a-glance data about my eight pies:

Fruit pies or not




What kind of crust




If you like one of these pies, please click over to the contest page and vote for it!

And, have a happy Pi Day!

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what an effort, very well done, very funny.

thx, hans

By jw uijting (not verified) on 14 Mar 2009 #permalink

What an awesome effort, Janet. Thank you.

There's no place to comment on the voting page, so I'll just bring up two points here:
1. There's no link on the voting page for the chocolate almond meringue pie.
2. I wish I could have voted for both an "entrée pie" and a dessert pie.

I love science "Pi"s. They're so much better than ordinary pies!

Congrats on the great pi's
But...{pet peeve) as a non american your recipes are'nt doable. Cups WTF!! Weight measures are much better.C'mon join the rest of the world so we can all share