Happy Pi Day! And More Pie

Well, it is finally Pi Day—mathematicians and scientists rejoice!

The number of pies in our inbox doubled overnight, and we woke up to a virtual bakery's worth of pastries. What did we find? We'll have to break it into two posts...

In the first we have Stephanie Patterson's Corned Beef Hash pie and Blueberry Cherry Pi pie, Joan Cook's Pi(es) (a)r(e) square(d), Brownie's Raspberry Rhubarb pie (another take on r2, and Jason Goldman's Bacon and Chocolate Mousse Fibonacci pie.

You want pictures? We have pictures.

Stephanie Patterson hedged her bets and sent us both a savory pie and a dessert pie. The first is a Corned Beef Hash pie, and we think Stephanie is smart—she's clearly chosen a recipe that can do double duty for both Pi Day and upcoming St. Patrick's Day. Her second pie, a Blueberry Cherry Pi pie, looks like it belongs on the cover of Martha Stewart for Mathy People magazine. It also uses vodka in the crust-making process...anyone care to explain the science behind that?



Next up is Joan Cook's cleverly titled Pi(es) (a)r(e) Square(d) pie. The recipe for this beauty is posted on her blog Linguina, where she also reveals that some other office—meaning not the ScienceBlogs or Serious Eats offices—got to enjoy this pie in person. Lucky ducks.


With a different take on the "pi r squared" theme, we have Brownie's Raspberry Rhubarb pie. As Brownie explains on her blog Blondie and Brownie, "the area of this particular pie is approximately 70.88 inches and the r-squared so happens to be raspberry and rhubarb."

The area of this pie would be quickly reduced to zero if we got our hands on it.

The last pie in this post is Jason Goldman's Bacon and Chocolate Mousse Fibonacci pie. To learn how Jason's pie was envisioned, you must read the post on his blog The Thoughtful Animal, in which he and ScienceBlogger Scicurious debate the merits of combining chocolate and bacon. Last year, voters chose Dave Bacon's Spicy Pi Bacon Squared as the winner of the Pi Day Bake-Off. Could a bacon chocolate pie take first place again this year? Are our readers bacon loyalists? We shall see.



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