Friday Sprog Blogging: recent drawings of animals.

It's been awhile since the Free-Ride offspring have shared their artwork. Today, we offer some of their drawings of animals.

From the younger Free-Ride offspring:


Tigers. They may look cute, but you don't want to get near them when they're hungry.


Cheetahs. Same deal: cute, but deadly.


A horse. She didn't dress herself in that blanket and headband.

From the elder Free-Ride offspring:


Jungle Landscape. There's a lot going on here, and I'm feeling like there might be some traces of Bruegel and Escher.


A cat in a sushi bar. You will notice, however, that the selection includes non-fishy sushi.


Animals used to convey letters of the alphabet. The encoding is not guaranteed to make sense for languages other than English.

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Wow, Rosetta is living up to her name there. Excellent animal alphabet!