So many bad puns, so little time

Wilkins is fragile and destablised

Intellectual tourist attacks local inhabitants

All happy bacteria are alike (or is that like each other?)

Australian current affairs gets vaccination right! [That's not a pun, it's an act of God] The original video is here.

Evolution does spreadsheets in origin of genetic code

Siris and Sandwalk go head to head on the Courtier's Reply. Neither of them are dressed.

Creationists misunderstand Deep Time. I'm shocked. I mean, it's only ten years since they were taken to task for it. Perhaps if they had millions of years to think it over...

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"Wilkins is fragile and destabilised".

Not only that, he's calving!

I fear I am a coward, I couldn't bear to watch the vaccine vid. Reading the ignorant comments from the anti-vax trolls on Plait's blog was torture enough.

By John Monfries (not verified) on 29 Apr 2009 #permalink