I'm moving to Discover

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If you have a weblog that links to ScienceBlogs GNXP, I would appreciate you update the link for the sake of PageRank.

i-6793770b34ede3d90a5c45a5086918bf-moving-van.jpgThere isn't much to say about the move. There wasn't one big precipitating reason, a variety of reasons coalesced to make this the right thing to do for me. I would like to give a shout out to Erin Johnson, who from what I recall has been the longest serving ScienceBlogs community manager in the history of the website. One bittersweet aspect of leaving the network now is the arrival of awesome blogs such as Observations of a Nerd, along with old friends such as Dr. Daniel MacArthur of Genetic Future.

I was approached by Chris Mims of Seed Media Group over 4 years ago to contribute to ScienceBlogs. I'm an "original," along with Adventures in Ethics & Science, Aetiology, Deltoid, Dispatches from the Culture Wars, GrrlScientist, Pharyngula and Uncertain Principles (some others have left the network, or blogging, such as John Lynch and Evolgen). I really didn't know what to expect, but it's been fun overall, and I've met many interesting people. By the time I'd arrived at ScienceBlogs I've been blogging for almost 4 years, since April of 2002. To a great extent it had become a solitary endeavour. ScienceBlogs made me a bit more social in my online interactions. In particular during the first few years RPM of Evolgen and Chris of Mixing Memory were good friends. The ScienceBlogs summer meetups were pretty fun too, and allowed me to convince Mark Hoofnagle that I was The Scientific Indian. I've also made some friends offline, such as Jake Young, with whom I've partied in New York.

A domain is just a string of letters, and I don't expect much to really change. I hope to reach a new audience, and keep the current one, and still continue to have fun.

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