I'm Lovin' It

Apropos a discussion on Jaf's facebook page regarding the efficacy of leaving one's car window open while driving on the lake-ice (to escape in the event the ice breaks), I decided I needed one of these Emergency Hammers, just in case. Little did I realize that this versatile tool can also be used to order Chicken MgNuggets at McDonalds, even during the Breakfast Menu Blackout Period:

Hat Tip: Andrew


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Time for the mental institute for that crazy woman who broke the window.

By NewEnglandBob (not verified) on 10 Aug 2010 #permalink

We had a rule of thumb when I rode ambulance. The crazier the patient, the more likely there would be a kid in back seat of the car.

I like that they delivered the order for the next car in line.

Dave, that's the best part of the video. I do hope everyone watched it to the end.