Time might actually be Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey...Stuff

BaBar data recently analyzed might confirm that time is wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff.

If you are a B meson, time may not run the same in both directions for you. This is based on a report in Physical Review Letters called "Observation of Time-Reversal Violation in the B0 Meson System" which has this abstract:

I had to use a screen shot because I can't type in all that wiggly wobbly formula stuff.

Nature Blogs's Eugenie Samuel Reich explains this HERE. If that is not clear, just watch this video:

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Tangentially, this, and the episode with the little boy in the gas mask looking for his "mummy," might be the scariest of the current Dr Who episodes.

I don't even know which episode this one is. I agree about the "Are you my mummy" episode, tho.

Did you notice the later reference to "Are you my mummy"?

That clips comes from the weeping angels episode. "Don't blink!" I did not notice the mummy reference. I think I was too wibbly from all the timey wimey abstract text.

I think the Mummy reference is from a fairly recent episode. They happen to come cross a gas mask for no particular reason, and someone, I think The Doctor, picks it up and puts it half way on and says "Are you my mummy" then they just move on like nothing happened.

Oooh, we don't have cable so I'm always a year behind everyone, waiting for it to come out on Netflix. I love when the show is self referential.