Energy Exodus: Rally to Build Cape Wind

Here is a press release for an upcoming event:

At the culminating event on the 66 mile Energy Exodus march, over 150 ralliers will call for the Town of Barnstable to withdraw its lawsuit against the Cape Wind offshore wind farm and begin negotiating in good faith with Cape Wind and federal and state agencies. They will demand that the Town stop taking money from local oil billionaire Bill Koch, who has put over $1.5 million into efforts to delay the wind farm.

Rally speakers will also highlight upcoming opportunities in New England for the marchers to continue advancing the global and regional transition to clean energy. A combination of speakers and performers will end the 66 mile march on a high and hopeful note.

Where: Aselton Memorial Park, Hyannis, MA (corner of South and Ocean Streets)

When: Monday, Sept 2, 1-3:30PM

Who: Speakers will include:

  • Barbara Hill,former Executive Director of Clean Power Now
  • Craig Altemose, Executive Director of Better Future Project
  • Emily Edgerly, member of Students for a Just and Stable Future
  • Ben Thompson, member of Students for a Just and Stable Future and Energy Exodus co-lead organizer
  • The band Melodeego will be performing.

    Background: The Cape Wind Project will be the nation’s first offshore wind farm, built on Horseshoe Shoal in Nantucket Sound. With 130 wind turbines, the project is expected to produce about 75% of the average electricity demand for the region. It could offset close to a million tons of carbon dioxide every year, and produce 1000 jobs for local residents during construction. However, those climate, health, and economic benefits have been held up by oil billionaire Bill Koch, who owns a vacation home on the Cape and has spent over $1.5 million on various efforts to delay the construction of the wind farm.

    About Energy Exodus March: For six days across 66 miles, starting August 28th, dozens of citizens from all over New England have marched from the Brayton Point coal and gas plant outside Fall River to the future site of Cape Wind, the nation’s first offshore wind project.

    Organized by Better Future Project and Students for a Just and Stable Future, the march highlights the need to transition from fossil fuel energy to clean renewable power like that the Cape Wind project will soon provide. Energy Exodus marchers aim to build political momentum to hasten the transition to renewable energy in Massachusetts, promoting healthier communities and a stable climate.

    Energy Exodus Website is HERE.

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    Energy Exodus has made it clear they do not care about the health issues around commercial wind turbines. They are well aware of the lack of sleep, health issues and loss of residential property value. The noise, shadow flicker, ice throw , fires and blade throw doesn't mean anything to this group -Only Cape Wind


    Energy Exodus & Better Future Project Don't Care About Wind Turbine Health Concerns Fairhaven ?? What kind of environmental message is this ?


    "Altemose said the group had purposely stopped for lunch in Fairhaven "to show our support for renewable energy."
    He said he was not sympathetic to the health concerns surrounding the turbines, asserting that the asthma and respiratory effects from using coal as fuel are much worse."

    By Bill Carson (not verified) on 02 Sep 2013 #permalink

    > asserting that the asthma and respiratory effects from using coal as fuel are much worse

    Yep, that's outrageous. He should have said "... are not made up"

    By Martin Vermeer (not verified) on 02 Sep 2013 #permalink