Removing the fuel rods at Fukushima: Video

TEPCO is removing some of those famous spent fuel rod assemblies, here's some video:

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Atomic mafia ‘cleans up’ Fukushima, neglects basic workers' rights

November 20, 2013 Russia Today

A former Fukushima worker said that they were given no insurance for health risks, no radiation meters even. At first they were promised a lot of money, even offered a long-term contract but they were kicked out when they received a large radiation doze. They could have exposed themselves to large doses without even knowing it.

According to government data, there are 25 percent more openings for jobs at Fukushima than applicants. These gaps are often filled by the homeless and the desperately unemployed. Many of the workers were brought into Fukushima by Japan's organized crime syndicates. It may take another 40 years to completely liquidate the aftermath of the disaster, the lives of millions could be affected.

By Hiroshi Suzuki (not verified) on 23 Nov 2013 #permalink