WHO releases alarming #Ebola numbers.

I'm just posting the graph and very little info right now. The per day rate of new cases is currently about 123 cases per day, the total number of suspected, confirmed, etc. cases is 3,685 with 1841 fatalities. These numbers no longer include Nigeria (and the one case in Senegal is not included either).

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 3.54.31 PM

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New for August 16th I will try to keep new information and updates in the same post for a while until I have a chance to do a comprehensive re-overview of everything. The 16 August update from WHO indicates a large uptick in the daily number of cases. Over the two days of the most recent…
The WHO came out with a new report today with the latest figures on Ebola. These numbers take us to the end of July. There are two bits of bad news. First, the number of new cases is high, as high as any prior report (but keep in mind that these reports cover uneven time periods). There are 163…
WHO has put out very few updates in the last several days. The most current update is August 28th, and it pertains to information from August 26th and before. Based on that update, the total number of cases (confirmed, suspected, etc.) is ow 3069 with 1552 deaths. The number of new cases per day…
It is probably safe to say that Nigeria now has an outbreak, as a handful of cases contracted in country seem to have been reported, though it is too early to be sure this will stick. Hopefully it won't. There is also one suspected case, a death, in Saudi Arabia, of someone who would have caught…

These numbers no longer include Nigeria

Well. Isn't that special. Did they get cured or is it now because it is a different outbreak than the one tracked above?


For the conspiratorially inclined:

Aug 26, 2013
As a condition of registration, the EPA is requiring the company to generate additional data


Dec 1, 2013
Court Rules in NRDC’s Favor to Limit Nanosilver in Clothing


Jan 15, 2014
“”EPA’s fast-track approval process for pesticides raises health concerns


March 31, 2014
“”US EPA bans Sale of Company’s unregistered nano-Silver Products


Aug 18, 2014
Ebola: FG withdraws approval of Nano Silva for treatment

“”Chukwu made this known when he received the U.S Ambassador to Nigeria

““The experimental drug, Nano Silver did not meet the requirements of the National Health Research Ethics Code.



Did anyone know US GOV/CDC hold a patent on ebola?

“”On July 9, Tekmira Pharmaceuticals in Canada announced it had received an initial $1.5 million investment from America’s Monsanto, with tens of millions more to follow.

“”The US military is paying the company $140 million to test drug treatments for Ebola.

“”the patent also claims exclusive ownership of most, if not all, Ebola treatments, tests, experiments, vaccines and drugs.

“”‘This patent may help explain why Ebola victims are being transported to the United States and put under the medical authority of the CDC. These patients are carrying valuable intellectual property assets


Enter ACTA:
“”an international legal framework for targeting counterfeit goods, generic MEDICINES and copyright infringement


If a treatment, then manufacturing your own colloidal silver would be a crime??

US military
GMO tobacco

Monsantos’ business model has always been —

Monsanto. We contaminate it, We own it.

Damn, I hope that headache is only eyestrain…

Damn. They...........knew.

Damn. Does this blue ever wash off??

I haven't decided if leaving out Nigeria is good or bad. I'm not buying into your conspiracy theories, but my first thoughts were confusion as to why they would do that.

I get the impression that there are a lot of conversations going on at WHO behind closed doors and these updates are often tainted with doublespeak because of that. But I don't think it is a conspiracy about anything. I think it is about the fact that bureaucracies atrophy and this one atrophied before it hit this particular hot-zone style outbreak.