NOAA Paraguay Data Accusation

A video by Kevin Cowtan about Christopher Booker's accusations of data tampering.

A quick response to an article by Christopher Booker in the Telegraph.

The video features a prototype tool for investigating the global temperature record. This tool will be made available with the upcoming MOOC, Making Sense of Climate Science Denial (, where we will interactively debunk myths regarding surface temperature records.

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I think you can show this video to Booker 5 million times and he still won't get it. In fact, it will just make him believe his own story even more.

Marco, you're probably right, but it would be amusing to watch Booker seeing it once. For real entertainment, someone should make a video of the Telegraph's editorial board watching it one or more times.

He would probably claim that this video had been tampered with...

(Does the man not realize that it's HIS own brain that has been tampered with???)

By Brainstorms (not verified) on 26 Jan 2015 #permalink

The deniers cherry-pick stations where the adjustments result in rising temperatures. I would like to show them counterexamples where the raw data were rising too fast and had to be calibrated down. Where can I find some?

Another reason for Greg to be a proud Minnesotan:

"That's how it happened. It's thanks to Michele Bachmann."

(The gift that keeps on giving.)

A new fact check site has been established that deals specifically with misleading science claims.…

Of relevance here is this debunking:

Nothing False About Temperature Data

The scicheck site covers more than climate change, but it seems like a worthy addition to one of Greg's other search engines.

(Dana Nuccitelli has written a book comparing the track record of consensus and climate-change-is-nothing-to-worry-about scientists. The Michele Bachmann inspiration reminded me that God, too, has a track record. Last time Bachmann, Perry, and Romney all consulted with God before announcing their candidacies. If a human had a corresponding track record, no one would trust him. And now Scott Walker is seeking God's guidance. I see that as a very good sign.)

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