Is my penis too small, too big, or just right?

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The angle of the dangle ...

Seriously though, it's not the length but the length times cross sectional area divided by it's density, or mass.

Now if that 'baby' has a mass of +6 sigma (say 10 kg), one would call that one ginormous baby!

By Everett F Sargent (not verified) on 05 Mar 2015 #permalink

You’ve heard, I’m sure, that there is an urban belief that a man’s foot size predicts penis size. This is not supported by the present research.

I heard that a man's handgun size reflects penis length. I suppose there's no supporting data for that belief, either.

By Christopher Winter (not verified) on 05 Mar 2015 #permalink

You have changed "nomogram" in the original to "normogram" throughout. But nomogram is correct.
Wikipedia says it comes from "nomos", greek for "law":

[An overzealous mass spell checker! -gtl ]

I've (sometimes) wondered if I should make myself known to the world of biomedical research as I have a few highly unique traits, including one relevant to this post. I've often wondered if the data may be important on a genetic level.

In short, I seem to have a connective-tissue disorder (which I suspect is either a subset of or related to Marfan's Syndrome) whereby if have a set of hyper-mobile finger joints. I can literally bend all of my fingers fully backwards against the BACK of my hand, and even unjoint my thumb and twist it 180 degress backwards so my thumbnail is pointing towards the palm of my hand.

Yes, it's a wonderful party trick.

I also have a slightly above average set of "Wedding Tackle":
A fully erect penis in the seven-inch range, but (quelle du horror!) a set of testicles that can best be defined as "midsize chicken eggs" and a highly-stretchable scrotal sac that (on a bet) I was able to stretch and cover a tennis ball (don't ask). Also, my stretched penis length is about a full inch LONGER than my erect length!

Also, for the record I have no erectile issues (at 50 yrs. old), prostate's fine and no ejaculatory issues either.

Thoughts? I'd love to demonstrate all of this and provide genetic samples if it would help further our knowledge base.

Sorry, I thought it relevant, and was offered only as data. Please delete if you feel it's inappropriate.

btw-bye. I shall not darken your door anymore.

No, I was just using levity. If i wanted the comment deleted I'd have deleted it before it was posted!

What does she say?

In fact, here, I’ll provide a space for you to write in whatever “dick joke” you happen to be thinking of at the moment:

Okay, so I was on a holiday in Italy and wanted to buy some condoms. I went to the local pharmacy and asked for condoms. Unfortunately, the man behind the counter only spoke Italian, and I didn't.

However much I tried, I couldn't convey the goal of my errand to him. Finally, I decided to take my dick out, lay it on the counter and put money next to it.

He watched for a second, put his dick on the counter as well, saw that his dick was larger, and took my money.

I've always been puzzled by this. What does it matter? You can get it out far enough to pee neatly, then put it away.
Why do you need anything bigger???
Of course smaller would be a nuisance but who cares about bigger and what for??

I have also always wondered what is the big deal about this question. If it can do what its meant to do and you are using it right there should not be a problem right?
I am glad I got a handle on all those rumors about a man's foot size and penis size, personally that idea freaks me out!

By Dimakatso (not verified) on 02 Apr 2015 #permalink

I also have a connective tissue issue. My hands and feet are larger and my penis is 7 3/4in 19.69cm long while erect. So a connective tissue issue could lend length to the penis as it is connected to the body by a tendon. I have had issues with it being to long so length should not hold the importance it does in our current culture. Men as a hole are inundated with the larger penis is better in so many ways such as underwear ads, condom ads and adult entertainment (porn).

Listen, anybody that tells you that tells you size doesn't matter is partially true. There are other things you can do with a women that can pleasure her also. To make my point, someone could tell you that money is not that important. I ask that person, would you want more money or less money? I'm sure nobody would choose less. Make your dick bigger naturally:

By Louis Long (not verified) on 20 Nov 2015 #permalink

So races don't exist but we vary across geographical space. And that differs from subspecies how exactly?

theres a whole science of how big dicks are?!?!?!

So races don’t exist but we vary across geographical space. And that differs from subspecies how exactly?

You are correct in a way. There are actually 3 races associated with the current human species. Those races are very well mixed now. So as to geographical differences, those would be caused by adaptation of the humans who occupied an area long enough to change traits. If you look at data especially from the United States you will get a much better idea of averages. This is because of the large number of differently adapted people in a given area. The other issues with many of these studies is self-reporting and individual sample size of peoples from different areas of the world.
The only true way these studies should be done is by having the measurements done exactly the same every time. This should be accomplished by the use of a specialized tool that does not cause human error. The next part of the study should be done by taking a sample size of a minimum of 100 people from each geographical location on each continent. This is just my opinion but it would yield the most accurate results.
As stated in a previous post I am over 7in in erect length measured by visible extension and not from my pubic bone. I am in the US and so by way of reporting am well above the average for my region. Now should I live in Asia I would be well above that regions 100%. On the chart now I am well into the 100 percentile range or for better understanding, out of 1000 men only one would possibly have an erect length longer than me.

there's a whole science of how big dicks are?!?!?!

If you read my previous comment you will see that I am saying that there is a science to this but a very flawed science.
There is also a science that has measured the inside of a females vagina. This science has determined 4 shape types and an average depth of 5.5-6inches. This depth can and does change depending on arousal along with the sidewall dimensions.
This same science has determined that females only have nerves that experience "pleasure" from the vaginal canal opening to a depth of 2-3inches. So this being the case a penis that is 8-10inces, really is not necessary or even the most useful for providing pleasure to a female from intercourse. Beyond the initial 3inces females, according to the studies, only are really feeling a pressure. This has been shown to be important for reasons of child birth. If a female had the same amount of sensitive nerves the entire length of the vaginal canal (birth canal), child birth could or would kill them from the extreme pain that would be felt. Just ask any woman who has given natural vaginal child birth without drugs if she would like her nerves to extend the full length of her vaginal canal.
Science is fun!!!!

Man, calm down and have a good rest as there is NOT perfect penis size and shape! Yes, some women do prefer to feel full to the limit but in fact what matters here is how you use your dick rather than how it looks. Still not sure? read this