Most Recent Polling Shows Tight Race

"Trump's chance of victory have doubled over the last two weeks," notes FiveThirtyEight, and this is in accord with what I've been saying.

I suggested a few days ago that while Clinton would probably win, there is a nowhere near zero chance that she won't. FiveThirtyEight came out with an analysis today very similar to mine, suggesting that Trump has abut a 3 in 10 chance of winning. Historically, races tighten near the end, I think FOR THIS REASON mainly, and that has been happening. The actual national difference between Clinton and Trump by Tuesday will probably be about 2.5 percent or so.

Now, before you jump in to tell me that the national number isn't what counts, yada yada yada, let me note right away that I do know about the Electoral College and stuff.

Anyway, see this for my most recent Electoral College analysis, and I'll have a new one out in a day or so, though I expect it to be similar.

Meanwhile, here are some notes on some of the more interesting and important races.

No cherry picking here. All of the really recent, high ranked (by FiveThirtyEight) polls in states of interest. All these polls were released over the last few days, though they may cover earlier days. The data are all taken from FiveThirtyEight, but using the original poll numbers, not FiveThirtyEight’s adjustment.

Note: Polls that weight on the basis of motivation seem to favor Trump; his voters say they are more likely to vote.

Arizona, when it isn’t busy shooting something, generally votes for the Republican. There was hope this would not happen this year, but the latest polls suggest otherwise

Arizona CNN/Opinion Trump +5

Arizona Emerson Trump +4

Arizona Google CS Clinton +5

Florida is a very important states, and there are signs of Clinton weakening there, but most indicators suggest a Clinton win. Also, the TargetSmart study (not shown here) indicates that 28% of Republicans who voted early are voting for Clinton.

Florida CNN/Opinion Clinton +2

Florida Google CS Trump +3

Florida Quinnipiac Clinton +1

Florida TargetSmart (Not rated by 538) Clinton +8

People mention Georgia now and then. We’ll be watching Georgia, because if Clinton wins there, the world has changed. But she won’t.

Georgia Emerson Trump +9

Georgia Google CS Trump +9

I’ve been predicting a Clinton win in Iowa, many polls indicate otherwise, the latest Google Consumer Survey suggests a Clinton win.

Iowa Google CS CLinton +7

Nevada. I hear people saying that Clinton has Nevada in the bag. She doesn’t. My model currently has her winning there, but clearly there is ambiguity.

Nevada CNN/Opinion Trump +6

Nevada Google CS Clinton +7

New Hampshire has not been declared a solid sate for anyone, yet many seem to insist it is solid for Clinton. It isn’t, but also, there isn’t much good polling there, so really, we don’t know.

New Hampshire Google CS Trump +1

North Carolina is totally uncertain for many reasons, including polling all over the map, an active voter suppression campaign by the Republican party, and because it is, well, North Carolina.

North Carolina Elon Clinton +1

North Carolina Google CS Trump +6

North Carolina Quinnipiac Clinton +3

North Carolina SurveyUSA Trump +7

Everyone I know who is from Ohio or lives in Ohio loves Ohio and hardly ever shuts up about it. Time to shut up about it! You’all are about to go for Trump, so you suck.

Ohio Google CS Trump +2

Ohio Quinnipiac Trump +5

Pennsylvania seems solidly Clinton, though if I recall, Pennsylvania has sometimes thrown a surprise. But not likely this year.

Pennsylvania CNN/Opinion Clinton +4

Pennsylvania Franklin & Marshall Clinton +11

Pennsylvania Google CS Trump +2

Pennsylvania Monmouth Clinton +4

Pennsylvania Quinnipac Clinton +5

Pennsylvania Susquehanna Clinton +2

We fully expect Clinton to take Virginia.

Virginia Emerson Clinton +4

Virginia Google CS Clinton +5

Virginia Hampton Trump +3

Virginia WaPo Clinton +6

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I've been predicting for almost six months Trump winning with 295 electoral votes.
My latest outlook, based on the latest polls, shows Trump could go as high as 321.
(But I'll be happy with Trump at a mere 270.)

By See Noevo (not verified) on 02 Nov 2016 #permalink

I wonder who the Hillary Or Bust cult will blame if Trump is elected.

By Desertphile (not verified) on 02 Nov 2016 #permalink

Will Der Furor's oberstormtroopers shoot themselves if Donald Trump wins because he stole the election?

Or will they go to war against Russia if it's determined that Putin stole the election for Herr Drumpf?

Will they make a stink when it's brought to their attention that the G0P is rigging elections in several states by disenfranchising Americans?

Are they going to blame the American voters for colluding to cast a plurality of votes designed to block Trump from winning the election?

By Brainstorms (not verified) on 02 Nov 2016 #permalink

We do have to assume that the likelihood of a Trump victory is higher today, given last night's evidence that the end of the world is approaching. (For you non-U.S. readers, I refer to the Chicago Cubs' winning the World Series.)