What Does Rex Tillerson Get Out Of Being Secretary Of State?

He's trying, in the hearings, to not let it look this way, but the truth is that he and Exxon Mobile stand to benefit a great deal from a Tillerson SOC. Also, Russia will benefit a great deal.

Putting it a slightly different way, Tillerson's appointment makes the most sense of you replace "Trump" with "Putin" in sentences that refer to who the leader of the United States is.

The composite graphic above explains this. The context for those graphics is here:

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ADDED: It has been suggested that I clarify an important point about this post. So, dear reader, please understand that the information provided here is my best attempt at analysis of the information that I have available. There is clearly conjecture here. So, of course, read all this with a…
The State Department has been in the state of chaos over several days, between the Trump Transition Team failing to staff up the Executive Branch, high level officers leaving on their own accord, and so on. And a mere hours ago, Oil Man Rex Tillerson has been officially sworn in as Security of…
Putin probably owns Trump. In the past, Trump has spent enough high profile time traveling in and out of Russia, that any smart intelligence agency would have long ago gotten the goods on such a sloppy self absorbed person. Assume there are movies. Young girls. Whatever. Putin probably owns Trump…
It has been suggested that President Elect Trump has been compromised by Vladimir Putin and/or the Russian Intelligence agency. This allegation suggests that Putin and/or the FSB have information, including video of unsavory sexual activities of some sort (loosely defined) and documentation of…

It seems like the post should be titled:

What does Exxon get out of Rex Tillerson being secretary of state?

I am assuming Mr. Tillerson is no longer employed by Exxon and has divested himself of his stock in Exxon.

And that's different how?

Rex Tillerson is this guy:

Rex Tillerson - Wikipedia
Rex Wayne Tillerson (born March 23, 1952) is an American businessman. He was the chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of ExxonMobil ...

Is it even possible to get your head out of your ass for even a minute?? Lets write entire BOOKS on how Clinton benefited from being Secretary of State!. At least for once, we will have someone qualified for the position.

#3, why? Trump, before he even got the job, benefitted to the tune of $450,000 with money in his pocket, having his hotel as the venue for a meeting, when there's an entire palatial government-maintained building in Washington to do that in.

And he's 100% unqualified for the position. That was the damn point for most when voting for him:he wasn't a poltician and didn't know what the hell the job involved.

And look at how he wants to fire people before he has any replacements, how he wants to put people in positions without having arranged beforehand the required information for them to be vetted (since he's never had to wait for permission form anyone else before), and how he's only now understanding that he would have to give up and sell his businesses if he got the job of president.

He was 100% unprepared for the job.

Wow #5:

According to the constitution - in order to qualify to be president you only have to meet two criteria:

1. Natural born citizen (basically born in the USA or on a military base), and
2. 35 or older.

I am ignoring the 14 years residency - which only applies to people here in 1889.

I guess you could add the term limit of only two terms - but that really only applies to two term presidents.

So Trump is qualified.

Unprepared - that is your opinion.

And as you know - everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

Only the big kids get to be pedantic, Ricky.

"According to the constitution"

According to the constitution, you cannot have any fiscal entanglements with foreign entities if you're the president.

Drumpf has admitted these exist all across the world.

Slam dunk: you lose.

And when it comes to Hilary, you were one of the most spittle-flecked screamers of how bad she was for her connections to Wall Street.

Seems if she'd become POTUS you would have let her own a major bank.

Of course, if she HAD become POTUS, Drumpf would not,and you'd be APOPLECTIC about corruption and how her foundation was clearly corruption and she should do as every single other president in all of the USA's history has done, and divest their business, sell it off and have the cash invested in a blind trust.

Because it's only fine when YOUR guy does it.

Because you are a crackpot.

RickA is not a crackpot.

He's simply morally corrupt, that's all.

By Brainstorms (not verified) on 12 Jan 2017 #permalink

Oh, no, he's definitely a crackpot, since he really believes some of that unreal shit he spouts.

He's also corrupt, but as far as that cracpot knows, everyone is, without exception.

Except Trump (unless he's fine with a corrupt president).

Wow #8:

Trump cannot receive a salary from a foreign government.

An emolument is a salary.

It makes sense - you cannot serve two masters.

So you cannot be President and also get paid to be Canada's ambassador (for example).

There is nothing in the constitution about foreign entanglements.

Slam dunk: you lose.

As to the rest of your comment - you must be confusing me with someone else.

I don't remember saying anything about Hillary and her connections to Wall Street.

Also - Trump isn't my guy.

I voted libertarian - remember?

"Trump cannot receive a salary from a foreign government."

Or have financial links with foreign entities. And he has said that he has them all over the globe.

Slam dunk: you lose.

"An emolument is a salary."

No it isn't.

noun: emolument; plural noun: emoluments

a salary, fee, or profit from employment or office.

1. I say Make America Great Again! Make it just like Russia! Start queuing!
2. Kellly Anne Con-way reminds me of the alien leader in Mars Attacks. Same strong jaw....

If he's not careful, the Great Orange Ape might end up making America just like North Korea.

He still might, because he lusts after the idea of making everyone call him "Beloved Leader".

By Brainstorms (not verified) on 12 Jan 2017 #permalink

And making illegal any reporting of him that doesn't cast him in a good light.

Funny haircut.
Insists it's good hair.
Weird dress sense.
Insists on being absolutely the best at everything ever in history.
Hasn't a clue
Barely speaks Enlgish
Likes what China did centuries ago
Wants closer ties to Russia


Anyone checked to see if there's a little korean guy hiding in an orange jumpsuit pretending to be POTUS?

Check the hands...

By Brainstorms (not verified) on 12 Jan 2017 #permalink