Trump Hates You, His Supporters, And Our Planet

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Trump’s executive order puts the world on the road to climate catastrophe

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump issued a sweeping executive order that effectively guts national efforts to address climate change. If he isn’t stopped, the endpoint of this approach is the ruination of our livable climate and the needless suffering of billions of people for decades to come.
The order starts the process of undoing President Obama’s Clean Power Plan standards for power plants. It also spurs fossil fuel consumption and blocks federal efforts to even prepare for the multiple, simultaneous catastrophes that unrestricted carbon pollution the world faces — severe drought, ocean acidification, ever-worsening heat waves, rising seas that threaten to destroy coastal cites.
This is not politics as usual. ...

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Trump’s Executive Order Threatens to Wreck Earth as a Livable Planet for Humans

Decades of progress on cleaning up our dirty air took a significant hit on Tuesday, along with hopes for a livable future climate, when President Trump issued his Energy Independence Executive Order. Most seriously, the order attacks the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Clean Power Plan, which requires a 32 percent reduction in CO2 emissions from existing power plants by 2030 (compared to 2005 emission rates.)

Tuesday’s blow was just the latest in a series of attacks that threaten our health and the planet’s health. On March 15, Trump also ordered...

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I am an Arctic researcher. Donald Trump is deleting my citations

...At first, the distress flare of lost data came as a surge of defunct links on 21 January. The US National Strategy for the Arctic, the Implementation Plan for the Strategy, and the report on our progress all gone within a matter of minutes. As I watched more and more links turned red, I frantically combed the internet for archived versions of our country’s most important polar policies.

I had no idea then that this disappearing act had just begun.

Since January, the surge has transformed into a slow, incessant march of deleting datasets, webpages and policies about the Arctic. I now come to expect a weekly email request to replace invalid citations, hoping that someone had the foresight to download ...

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If you are upset about Trump and upset about Trump pulling the US out of the Paris agreement, please let me help you get through the day. Trump announcing that the US is pulling out of Paris does not mean the end of Paris, the end of action on climate change, or much else about global warming. I'll…
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Trump executive order puts the world on the road to climate catastrophe

Trump executive order puts the world on the road to economic catastrophe.

There. That puts it in terms that Conservatives can hear.

By Brainstorms (not verified) on 29 Mar 2017 #permalink

Silly Brainstorms, white christians can't be terrorists and white men can never destroy the economy.

That's been the lesson from the Republicans since Reagan was president.

Trumpina is orange....

And immigrated from Europe. Sure, "anchor baby" was some time ago, but you can't remove it, it's like the republican Original Sin.

The sky is falling!

Yes, that was your refrain with Mann's lawsuit.

And I don't see any free speech issue here, so why are you so busy?

Why are you so worried about Trumpocalypse of global warming when Trump is the new Hitler and he's reckless and will start a bunch of nuclear wars?

Said nuclear wars would reduce carbon emissions about 10x what Paris Accord and Clean Power Plan will do. So in total, Trump will do more to combat global warming then everyone else put together.

And once again we see the dangers of choosing to give up any attempt at critical thought--as one must, and mikeN did, when becoming a libertarian (or loonatarian, as they are more properly called): you begin thinking comments like #7 are witty and clever.

Why should we only be worried about one fuckup at a time?

Yes, we know you don't have enough room in that tiny noggin for more than one idea, but most of us aren't so limited

Lawrence Tribe has explained why the Clean Power Plan is unconstitutional. The plan is based on the idea that Congress passed two versions of the law, and the Senate version is the correct one and the House version that has been codified for 25 years is wrong. The House passed an amendment that would not allow CPP, while the Senate amendment to the same part of the law was a very minor change. Apparently both are in the law as passed. EPA now says because the Senate passed a minor change, they are free to ignore the amendment in the law as passed by the House, even though it was made clear at the time that the House language is what matters, and is in Congress's manual for how to handle such situations.

Its not so much that he HATES anything, it more of he don't care about anything but himself! Why should he care about climate change? He is living high on what we now have and do, & he has no wish to change or force other like people (1%-ers) to give up anything. They are all dead in 50 yrs, so will never see the effects of their indifference.

Maybe not.

But they're concentrating, like humans do, on the negative of what they fear, not the positive or fears for others.

They're rich. If things change, that might change. It might mean "more rich" and generally has, but that's not what they fear, they fear getting "less rich". So they concentrate on that.

To cope with that being at odds with fucking the planet they live on over and the future generations, they have to deny the risk even exists.

Besides, it's only those scummy hippies and commies and other haters who talk about it, so it's "likely" just another tactic for those hippies to get in the way of them being even richer again.

"Lawrence Tribe has explained why the Clean Power Plan is unconstitutional."

And he was wrong.

Nothing forbids clean power being required, any more than it requires trash to be cleaned off the street outside or your garbage bin.

Wow #13:

Wow is wrong (again).

Nothing forbids clean power being required by a state - but the Federal government has to find clean power under an existing law.

The EPA overreached and the case is pending in Federal court.

I wonder if it will be dismissed because of Trump's executive order or will the case continue?

It will be challenged, but I think Trump and head of EPA can argue it is not legally valid and pull it for that reason. There is no need to undo the endangerment finding. My reading of it is that the law cannot work because of greenhouse gas restrictions implemented previously by the Obama Administration. Oops!

Correction to above. While Tribe did argue it was unconstitutional, the issue I explained is that it is illegal under the Clean Air Act. They cannot regulate under section 111d power plants that are regulated under sections 112.

"Wow is wrong (again)."

No I'm not, dick! I'm right (again)!

"but the Federal government has to find clean power under an existing law."

Nope. Wrong again.