The New Climate Alliance

Screw the so-called Federal Government, once part of a great democracy, now a great joke run by an insane clown and his posse.

Most of the hard work in the energy transition needs to be done at the levels of the state and the individual anyway. So, with Trump taking the so-called Federal Government, which most of us now recognize as illegitimate and an annoyance at best as is slowly disappears bit by bit and becomes nothing other than a way to transfer tax money to rich people (until we stop paying our taxes), let's just get on with saving civilization, the planet, our children, and all that good stuff on our own.

And, at the state level, I'm proud to announce that Minnesota has joined the new "Climate Alliance."

From MPR:

Gov. Mark Dayton on Monday joined a group of governors who are committing their states to upholding the Paris climate deal's emissions cuts despite President Trump's decision last week to withdraw the U.S. from the pact.

Organized as the U.S. Climate Alliance, member states aim to reduce emissions by at least 26 percent from 2005 levels and meet the federal Clean Power Plan targets.

"President Trump's withdrawal will cause serious damage to our environment and our economy," Dayton said in a statement. "Nevertheless, Minnesota and other states will show the world what we can achieve by working together to conserve energy, to use cleaner and renewable energy, and to leave a livable planet to our children and grandchildren."

There's over 12 other states in the group now, last count.

Of course, this is all for naught if we dont' elect a Democratic governor here in 2018. For information on that, see this.

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Let's take federal funds from these states in proportion to their population, and send that money to the Green Climate Fund. Surely these states will have no objection, since they support the Paris Accord.


Because you hate environmentalists so much you're willing to let the world burn just to be able to tell them they are wrong?

How about you give them the federal funds they are due for paying to the federal government the money they pay in taxes?

The alternative would be to not have them pay ANY federal taxes (including federal income and security taxes) and the state to withhold their payment to the federal government (which California, for example, paying more to the federal budget than they get back, means the government have to cut back on the red states' handouts) and THEN you can not pay them federal funds.

Oh, by the way, nope, paying the federal military is part of those dues. But I guess you can just decide to let invaders ashore if they promise they're only going to those rogue states, right?


Reducing Federal Governments involvement in our everyday lives and giving the States more rights in their decision making...

Holy Shit! Greg has become a Republican!!


Because you hate environmentalists so much you’re willing to let the world burn just to be able to tell them they are wrong?

They are the ones saying Trump is wrong, and Paris is right, so they should stick to the obligations under that deal, or at least their share.

"They are the ones saying Trump is wrong"

Which is why you hate them, but this isn't any reason other than for your butturtedness.

"so they should stick to the obligations under that deal"

They are. Please tell me where the obligations include "And you will have no federal money". Because that, like your whine about your Dear Leader being mocked and ridiculed for his moronic stance, is irrelevant to the actions you ask take place.

I didn't say they would have no federal money. Only their share of US obligations under the Paris Accord. Note I said send it to the Green Climate Fund. If the cities and states are paying on their own the obligations under the deal for countries to upgrade their infrastructure, then there is no need for federal money to be withdrawn.

You did say that you should take their federal funds, "mike". But they pay more for it than they get back. And you still fail to show how your claim relates in any way to the obligations of the paris deal. Also failing to show how they aren't living up to the obligations.

But you haven't a fucking clue what the deal was, just like your Dear Leader.

" then there is no need for federal money to be withdrawn."

Then there's no need for them to pay the federal funds that they do.

Oh, can they get redress from the other states for their pollution? If not, then this is a federal subsidy and interference in the rights of the state to regulate their land and air.

PS I did not say that you said that. So please stop trying to lie.

Item 54 calls for $100 billion a year aid to developing countries. The US share should be tens of billions. Let's say 3 billion, and take the proportional share from these states that are announcing support for the Paris Accord. They don't have to pay the full 3 billion if they don't want to, just their share of US population's worth.

"Item 54 calls for $100 billion a year aid to developing countries"

Yup, you are a clueless fuckwit, "mike". Lying by omission really doesn't change the reality. When you decide to visit reality, let us know, m'kay?

"The US share should be tens of billions."

So pay it, then, tightwad.

"They don’t have to pay the full 3 billion if they don’t want to, just their share of US population’s worth."

So they can then sue the rest of the USA for polluting their air, water and so forth, right?

And since these states pay more than they get back, the USA funds should be withheld.

Oh, and I take it that if they don't want to pay for all those wars or the size of the army, they can keep that back too, right? After all, you're sitting there on your fat flabby backside jerking off at punishing people smarter and more human than yourself, because they refuse to accept your insanity and let you fuck things up, and whining about how you shouldn't pay for something you disagree with, they should be allowed to retire from paying for the stupid shit they don't agree with, right?

But, yet again, your ridiculous parroting of the uncomprehendingly stupid rhetoric Mini-Drumpf blatters out in his 3 second dose of energy merely cements your lack of any ability to think for yourself, having atrophied your brain in a lifetime of partisan idiocy that let someone else more powerful than you tell you what you're supposed to think.


I'm not talking about not paying for something I disagree with, or having them pay for something they disagree with, but having them pay for what they agree with. If they announce it on their own, then there is no need to withhold any federal money. But if they can declare that they agree with the Paris Accord, and will make sure the US complies even if the President has withdrawn, it's only fair to make sure they comply with the financial obligation that is part of what they claim to agree with.

Still lodged firmly up your arse, that head of yours, "mike".

They ARE ignoring the orange trumpanzee's ignorant temper tantrum (because the rest of the world isn't kissing his ass).

YOU made the unilateral decision that they had to have their federal money taken from them because YOU hate environmentalists so much you'd prefer to die along with the rest of the USA rather than let them be right.

"the President has withdrawn"

And these people are telling the world he's a fucking moron and they aren't going to care what the dipshit says, they're going to go ahead anyway.

YOU insist on taking the money they are owed away. Nobody else, you fucking idiot.

"I’m not talking about not paying for something "

Yes you are. You're talking about you not paying for cleaning up the mess.

Fucking idiot.

“the President has withdrawn”
>and they aren’t going to care what the dipshit says, they’re going to go ahead anyway.

Then pay the money that the President has withdrawn from.

"Then pay the money that the President has withdrawn from."

Then they don't have to pay the federal money.