Stem Cell Research in NY State?

I am pleased to see that NY is entering the era of modern medical research. In his first speech to the Legislature, Governor Eliot Spitzer called for passage of a $2 billion 10-year bond initiative for research and development, at least half of which would be set aside to pay for stem cell research. And the project is being tailored as an economic development effort in the hopes of attracting support from upstate Republican lawmakers.

Advocates for stem cell research say that if this initiative is successful, it would put New York at the forefront of the field. They also say that bringing the state's academic and scientific institutions more into the research mix could have significant ripple effects across the country.

"The real value is that if New York is involved, you suddenly have an ability to make a leap in progress across the country's best minds," said David Bluestone, a spokesman for Americans for Stem Cell Therapies and Cures, a national advocacy group. "You never get advances from one lab in one state. You need this to be happening across all the states with the best research institutions. California can't go it alone."

The initiative is central to the Spitzer administration's economic development agenda, and would have to meet the approval of the State Senate and Assembly before it can go before voters. Lt. Gov. David A. Paterson, a former state senator, will be in charge of shepherding that effort through the Legislature.

Keep your fingers crossed that this effort will succeed!

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Yay for Spitzer. He spoke at my graduation from graduate school, about the importance of living an ethical life. I found his speech to be inspiring and different from the usual grad-day claptrap. I'm pleased to see him take this step.

Believe it or not, Kansas City was on the way to becoming a powerhouse in biomedical research. Then the recent election had a referendum about stem cell research, and though the public (barely) approved it, the fight made many people scared, and a lot of money dried up.

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There is also a possibility that similer measures may pass in Massacusetts and Maryland,now that those two states have Democratic governors.