Good News: Especially For My European Readers!

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My European readers have been incredibly loyal and kind to me, and it has given me great pleasure and pride to know that, even though you live overseas, you take the time to read my blog. So my European readers especially will be excited about some news that promises to give ScienceBlogs a more prominent position in Europe. This news is hot off the wires, and I will be writing more about what this means for all of you and for us here at SB as things develop.

Seed Media Group just announced that they recently formed a partnership with Hubert Burda Media in Germany in an effort to bring Seed's passion and mission in promoting scientific literacy to Europe [press release PDF]. This is a true partnership and as such, it is neither a sale nor a change of control. Seed Media Group's values and mission are being reinforced and strengthened by this partnership, instead of being weakened. In fact, even Seed's passionate and dedicated staff will remain the same.

The purpose of this partnership is to increase scientific literacy overseas.

"We see this partnership as a chance to help grow a global digital community of high social relevance. We share Seed Media Group's belief that 'Science is Culture' and are delighted to now be associated with an organization at the forefront of this cultural shift," said Dr. Marcel Reichart, Managing Director, R&D, Marketing & Communications, at Hubert Burda Media.

For those of you who don't know, Burda is a family-owned company that is run by Dr. Hubert Burda. It was founded as a printing business over 100 years ago. Today, Burda is one of the largest media companies in Germany, with a portfolio that includes magazines (including the newsmagazine Focus), websites, TV, radio, direct marketing and events. Additionally, they recently started a conference called DLD that is held every year in Munich. DLD brings together the freshest thinkers from media, technology, design, science, and the arts.

What does this mean for ScienceBlogs and for Seed magazine and most importantly, for you, our readers? It means that Sb will have an increasingly important presence in Europe as we help to increase scientific literacy overseas as we do here in America.

"We are excited to be entering the European market with Hubert Burda Media, a company that shares our values and that we consider to be among the most visionary and forward-thinking in the media industry," said Adam Bly, founder and CEO of Seed Media Group. "Today marks an important first step in Seed Media Group's international expansion."

Sb plans to invite more European science bloggers into our group in the future. As a result, you, our readers, will have a wider choice of science blogs to read and you will continue to learn more about international science as we learn more about how to effectively communicate science to you.

As one of the "first wave" of blog writers who was invited to join ScienceBlogs and Seed Media Group, I am truly excited and honored to be a contributing member of this dynamic and visionary organization. Saying "yes" to Seed's invitation is one of the best things I've ever done in my life. I hope that all of you benefit by increasing your knowledge of, and love for, science because of the ongoing partnership between all of us science blog writers and Seed Media Group, and also because of the new partnership between Seed Media Group and Hubert Burda Media.

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Indeed, good news. Thank you.

I wonder if French science bloggers will joint easily. Discussing the matter earlier today I learned that their online activity is much lower than the ones from other European countries.

I really enjoy Scienceblogs and expect that internationalization will improve them.

It's not us who live overseas, it's you.

This is good news. It means our plans for taking over are coming to fruit. One day you, too, will be forced to have a social security system. Bwahahahahaaa!

Oh, and is the Seed Media Group logo deliberately designed to annoy the colour-blind?


...I may add that Burda also acquired a minority stake in one of Europe´s leading blog community networks which operates,, and several other localised blog communities.

Oldcola & Ben D > I would like to share your excitement about a European localized version of Scienceblogs but according to what the Burda people say, the purpose is to build a community of science blogs in German language. This may be a first step only, but considering that Germany is Burda's main market, we can also assume that they will stop there...