Mystery Butterfly

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Image: Karen Davis. [wallpaper size]

I am almost certain that I know what this species is, but because you enjoy naming species, I thought I'd let you have some fun with this lovely image. What species is this?

Location: College Park, Maryland, 16 October 2007

My guess is below the fold.

It is a crescent butterfly species, resembling either a pearl crescent, Phyciodes tharos, or a northern crescent, Phyciodes selenis, although I suspect it is a different, but close, species instead.

I also asked an entomologist about this species and he said that this is a difficult group of butterflies to ID. He thinks this is either a pearl crescent or an orange crescent, which has a more northerly distribution.

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This one had me stumped. Good luck in Texas and we want to hear all about the Bird on Tuesday.

By carolyn13 (not verified) on 26 Oct 2007 #permalink

I guess Pearl Crescent. Grrl, you might see one of these in Texas over the weekend.

By biosparite (not verified) on 26 Oct 2007 #permalink