Beginning Clicker Training With a Red-Fan Parrot

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As some of you know, I recently added a four-month-old hawk-headed (red-fan) parrot, Deroptyus a. accipitrinus, to my household. I plan to learn how to clicker-train this bird (I already have the necessary tools and books). Below the fold is an example of another young Hawk-headed parrot, named Scooter (owned by Jeannie), who was approximately six months old and had only been clicker-trained for two days in this video. This training session focuses on reinforcing the bird's earlier training where it was taught to respond to the tip of a "target stick". [9:23]

Really amazing, huh?

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Oooooo! I do clicker training!!!! raises hand and waves frantically.

I've used it on dogs, horses, kids and my own little species of parrot....budgies.

Have some fun with this! It's a blast how fast they learn.

Scooter is really amazing.. and he is my little guy.. and I am so proud of him, If you were going to use a video of Scooter I just wish you would have used a better one.. where he can do a few tricks.. and give my name as to being Scooters owner.. and Asking would have been great..I would have been OK with it, just ask first..Even you had posted on this site that you don't like people taking things from your site without asking, I just ask for the same. If any one is interested in how Scooters training is going.. Here is a better clip.. Devorah found Scooters clips on youtube.

Scooter is one cool HawkHead.
Jeannie (Scooter Proud Mom)