London Update: I am Here!

I have been taking pictures to share with you but unfortunately, forgot the equipment necessary to download the images from my camera to my laptop, so we all will have to wait a little while longer. I am disappointed by this because London is so story-book magical and you all just have to see it!

I am absolutely exhausted though. The night before I was to leave, my NYC neighbors decided to blast their stereos through much of the night, so I didn't get much sleep (not that I could have slept anyway, really), and then, anticipating that I would not be able to sleep on the flight to London, I took a sleeping pill to help me get some rest. Amazingly, this sleeping pill, which usually knocks me out any other time, did not have the intended effect. But I am now a zombie who can barely walk. Oh joy! I stayed awake all night playing Sudoku on the airlines' free computer games. At least I had something to do besides go crazy, but I am absolutely exhausted.

Of course, I cannot check in to my room at the hostel until after 1pm, so I can't do anything, like take a nap, yet. But one of the people at the hostel told me I was welcome to take a shower! Nevermind that there is no hot water, but I was so desperate to clean up that I took an ice-cold shower and feel so much better for having done so. I smell good again!

One of my readers, Bob O'Hara, is supposed to show up at the hostel soon, and we are going to meet the rest of the early arrivals for the Nature Network Science Blog conference and go on a science-themed pub crawl tonight. If THAT adventure doesn't knock me out for the night, nothing will!

Anyway, what everyone says is true: McDonald's DOES have free wifi! And their coffee isn't bad, either, except a large coffee costs £1.65 -- more than $3 US and the cup is only HALF FULL -- probably 12 ounces total. WTF?? Not only are their prices outrageous, but they rip you off by short-measuring the coffee, too.

On the other hand, the music they play is REALLY GOOD. Why don't they play music like this in America??

Anyway, McDonald's apparently doesn't want its patrons hanging around all day long, writing blogs on their premises, since they do not provide even ONE OUTLET in the entire place!! So now I have to figure out how to recharge my laptop battery now that it is down to 50% power right now .. sigh! Hopefully, I'll get this little problem figured out soon.

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Can't wait for the piccies.

Glad to see you made it there safely! I always have trouble sleeping the night before a trip. Get some rest before the pub crawl, I know from personal experience that isn't a good time to run out of gas. Looking forward to the pictures and stories.

Looking forward to pics and all of the details. I had no time to spare up there in NYC before I had to come back down here and teach.

I feel your excitement! Have a great time.
Can't you ask around to find someone with the stuff you need to download your images? I bet one of your sci-buds can help you out with that.
Gotta run. A wave of migrant warblers has arrived this week in Central Park. I will give them your regards.

Basically a pound buys what a dollar does. Everyone I know in the UK told me that before I went over in the spring, and it was true. It's not just the coffee at McDonald's: it's everything.