1,000,000 Comment Contest

Have all of you heard about the one millionth comment contest that ScienceBlogs is having? This contest is in honor of the upcoming one million reader comment that will be left sometime around the 25th of October (unless PZ has another crackergate before then). In honor of this upcoming one millionth reader comment to the site, ScienceBlogs is holding a contest where all readers who leave comments (accompanied by a valid email address so we can contact you) are eligible to receive a fabulous prize: a trip for two to New York City and exclusive science adventures that only ScienceBlogs could give you access to. The trip includes airfare, four nights in a four-star hotel, behind-the-scenes tours of top museums and labs, and dinner with your favorite ScienceBlogger -- ahem, that would be me, of course.

In addition to the cool prize, all of us SciBlings are hosting parties for our readers in the cities where we live, and those parties include free swag and prizes, along with free drinks and food. As soon as the plans for the NYC party are finalized, I will let you know where and when the NYC ScienceBlogs reader party will be held (it will be held sometime around the 25th of September) so you can plan to be there.

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Damn straight that would be you if I win! I would love to visit Seed's offices as well. My family used to be in the publishing biz some time ago. We owned two magazines, Architectural Digest and Bon Appetît so, I grew up in the publishing world. It would be cool to see how things are being done today.

Now that would be a cool prize... Whoever wins it had better make with the pictures and detailed description of the fun.

And I bet you could find even *better* Filipino food in NYC... Any SciBlings in Paris, or Toulouse? (boo hoo - guess I better leave lots of comments in a month or so).

Is this one of those competitions that are limited to those living in the USA?

Sorry to be a spoil-sport to ask, but so often promotional things on websites don't make this sort of thing clear... (I always think of the various Amazon.com promotions: they're usually limited to those in the USA, or North America, but you have to dig into the details to find that out.)

But either way, good luck with it. Meant to send you an email to follow up my previous one some time ago, too. I'm way too distracted...!

By DeafScientist (not verified) on 09 Sep 2008 #permalink