Irene Pepperberg to Appear in NYC

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Cognitive scientist, Irene Pepperberg and her parrots, Griffin, Arthur (Wart) and Alex.

Image: Mike Lovett, Brandeis University.

I just wanted to let you know that Irene Pepperberg has several speaking engagements to promote her new book, Alex & Me: How a Scientist and a Parrot Discovered a Hidden World of Animal Intelligence -- and Formed a Deep Bond in the Process (scheduled release date: 28 October 2008). As you might remember, six months ago, I was given the opportunity to review an advance reading copy of several chapters of this book, which I favorably recommended at the time (I am looking forward to reading and reviewing the completed book as soon as it arrives). Anyway, she is traveling to several cities to promote the book and to raise money to continue her research. Thanks to one of my readers, I will be attending one of Pepperberg's two NYC appearances! This appearance is an interview by Robert Krulwich, who is the host of Nova Science Now, and regularly appears on NPR and is an ABC News correspondent [Irene's speaking schedule]. To say the least, I will definitely be writing about her appearance on my blog for all of you to read about.

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I'd be curious to hear if she mentions kea: I know there are studies on intelligence and problem-solving using kea as subjects.

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