To Be Or Not To Be: Ralph Nader Confides in Cardozo the Parrot

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This is a silly video by Ralph Nader, who feels left out of the political process since the electorate finally sees him for what he is. So Ralph talks about dressing up as a panda with Cardozo the Amazon parrot, who lives with former Salt Lake City Mayor, Rocky Anderson, in a lame attempt to recapture his old glory days of spoiling elections and making life worse for the electorate [2:45]

Cardozo, here you are from the free flying Amazon jungle to a cage in Utah -- albeit an open door cage with a fine master. Do not feel sad, Cardozo. Millions of voters have also been put into an invisible cage. It is a corporate-dominated two-party cage with no open door unless they break out and vote for Nader/Gonzalez. They stand specific and tall for justice, peace and freedom within a competitive democracy.


But watching Cardozo is amusing!

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the electorate finally sees him for what he is

Educate yourself. When you--or, say, Barack Obama--have accomplished a fraction of what Nader has to make life better for "the electorate" then you can bash him. It's so easy and stupid to blame Nader, who merely spoke (and is still speaking) truth with conviction, for the utter fail of both Gore and Kerry to run an inspiring, honest campaign. (Plus the whole Republican theft of both elections thing.) Seriously, this level of commentary is pretty facile.

By Sven DiMilo (not verified) on 23 Sep 2008 #permalink

A sea change as citizens see their savings disappear.

nader paul kucinich gravel
Open the damn debates!
mckinney ventura
perot charts

By Ron Ralph (not verified) on 23 Sep 2008 #permalink

Speak out to open up the debates by this Friday: If we want more voices and choices then we speak to speak up to the media and political outlets and stop voting for "the less of two evils"
That act is what has contributed to the state of affairs!
Plese respond to The US News and World Reports Question about whether the Debates should be open.…

That Amazon is too fat. Should not have cleavage, male or female.

Regardless of what one may think of Nader the candidate or his political ideas, this definitely qualifies as a silly ad. Nader himself comes across as feeling kind of sorry for himself, and the parrot doing chicken impressions in seeming reply certainly doesn't add any dignity. The question I can't help asking is: Is the man trying to make himself look like an idiot?

By themadlolscien… (not verified) on 23 Sep 2008 #permalink

Sara, Nader is not a third party candidate. He has no party. He is just Ralph Nader, megalomaniac. If you can't bring yourself to vote for Obama, Cynthia McKinney deserves your vote.

By Grammar RWA (not verified) on 27 Sep 2008 #permalink

As Sven states, Nader stands for things that are dead and buried--deep--in modern politics: Honesty, Intelligence, and Integrity.
That means generally not being a lapdog for the rich and mighty, something that no 'realistic' politician would ever dream of, because that would mean they would have no backing from the corrupting elements of society.
We are fucked, and will remained fucked, till the general public start to see that big business now has the traditional power that the churches and the clergy had.
And the general public is only interested in 'bread and circus', so we will remain fucked.