Manhattan Rainstorm

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Hiding from the rain under the eaves.

Photographed on Columbus Avenue, between West 81st and 82nd streets.

Image: GrrlScientist, 26 June 2009 [larger view].

This rainstorm was so severe that it even drenched people with umbrellas .. and flooded the streets.

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You live a financially impoverished life. You have no TV, one bowl, a crappy apartment, and a fire a the local dollar store represents a major hardship for your budget.
You are intelligent, educated, articulate and you fill your blog with interesting commentary and pictures of beauty; flowers, birds, subway art, etc.
The contradiction between the two sides of your life shows clearly how screwed up our societal priorities are and it also shows how wrong our definition of success is.

( and yes, the current popular obsession with Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett is at play in my thinking.

Words of wisdom. Success IS measured in the number of bowls and TVs you own! Not by living a meaningful life, and pursuing ones interests.