New Anti-Smoking Ads Warn Teens 'It's Gay to Smoke'

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Here's the latest development in the anti-smoking campaign aimed at teens: television ads that claim smokers are gay (and of course, no one wants to be gay, right?)

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Ha! Ha! Nice try.


Oh my god. Do American people just accept that? Aren't they upset that people are broadcasting something like this with the intention to use negative images of minorities to manipulate? That is not education.

By the way, why is not anyone talking/writing about the recent ban on kreteks (clove cigarettes) and other flavored cigarettes? This is an unprecedented expansion of federal power to regulate not based on health, but on flavor. The liberals will not touch it, because it was overwhelmingly favored by Democrats (who were too stupid to look up some statistics on Wikipedia, I guess) and endorsed by our new lord and savior, President Obama (who was also not aware that kids love menthols), and the conservatives are still ranting and raving about "socialised" medicine and President Obama'a birth certificate!! What is wrong with the people??

xenia, this is a parody.

sara, well, don't rant at me about this. i suffer severe allergies as well as asthma, so i think ALL smoking is horrible since even second-hand smoke can put me into the hospital emergency room, despite the fact that i don't have health insurance. in addition to that, i had no idea this happened.

. . . i had no idea this happened.

That is my point! Few people (besides Goths and the Goth-friendly people who listen to Siouxsie & the Banshees, for some reason) know about this. (Although, opposition from both Huffington Post and Reason Magazine was expressed back in June).

By the way, second-hand smoke from cloves has been demonstrated in long-term and short-term studies to be less harmful to rats, at least, than smoke from "regular cigarettes." That is one of the criticisms of H.R. 1256 -- that it eliminates alternatives on the market that are less harmful. But that is not even the main problem here.

I wish that Onion would parody this somehow (it should be easy enough to make fun of Goth chicks and "Bohemian hipsters" or whatever) just for the sake of raising awareness. They did not even have a joke about it on the SNL Weekend Update :/