CONGRATULATIONS! We Qualify for Matching Funds from Hewlett-Packard!

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I am so excited and so proud of YOU, my beautiful readers, for donating your precious and limited dollars to help kids in impoverished classrooms continue their journey towards claiming a brighter future through education. As of a few minutes ago, we raised the minimum of $2500 in DonorsChoose funds, which qualifies us for at least $2000 in matching funds from Hewlett-Packard! However, I have a confession to make: I am a selfish bastard because I want MORE MORE MORE of those precious HP funds to share with impoverished kids throughout the United States! So don't relax yet: let's continue donating so we can win even MORE funds from Hewlett-Packard!

And the best of all? I am going to ask ALL of you who donated -- whether you donated $1 or $500 -- to help me choose more projects to fund! What can be more fun than giving money to classrooms filled with kids who are hungry for an education?

I am calling on you, Wallace from Texas (who so generously responded to my email request asking you to donate yet MORE), and you, Susan from New York, and you, Jimmie from Michigan, and Colette from Kentucky, Katharine from Virginia, Amanda and John from Ohio, Bob from "Florida" (I know you're really living in Germany!), and you, Sun and also my many anonymous donors (you know who you are)! I invite all of YOU to email links to me for those projects that you think are worthy of our attention so I can be ready to award our funds as soon as possible.

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Bob from "Florida" (I know you're really living in Germany!)

Shit, she's on to me.

I chose Florida because it looked the closest to FI (Finland). I guess I should move to Delaware now.

When does the matching-funds opportunity end? I ask because I've had a bit of a rough month and, as a retiree on a fixed income, I have to wait until the first of the month to donate. I hope I will still be able to help this extremely vital program.