SciCafe at AMNH in NYC

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Who: Director of the Energy Materials Center at Cornell, Héctor Abruña
What: free public presentation, "Energy Through Chemistry"
When: Wednesday, 3 March at 700pm
Where: Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth, American Museum of Natural History, Enter at the 81st Street (Rose Center) [directions and maps]
Cost: FREE, and there is a cash bar too! (must be 21+ with ID)

Our energy future -- from powering cell phones, laptops, and cars to harnessing alternative sources like solar and wind -- depends on more efficient, high-performance batteries and fuel cells. Héctor Abruña, director of the Energy Materials Center at Cornell, will discuss exciting new technologies and materials that have the potential to revolutionize the energy landscape.

SciCafe brings together inquisitive minds for an informal evening emceed by experts on cutting-edge science topics. Come with friends or meet new people, talk science, and more -- it's a happy hour Mr. Wizard would be proud of. Happening on the first Wednesday of every month, these 21-and-up SciCafes are presented by the American Museum of Natural History in the Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth.

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