How The 2 Euro Coin (â¬2) Is Made

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This is an interesting video showing how the â¬2 coin is made. This coin consists of two different metals that are squeezed together into one coin. Interestingly, it uses recycled copper -- I wonder how many construction sites have lost their copper piping to thieves who then sold it to recyclers for manufacture into Euros? I also have embedded a second video that discusses the history of coin making as well as describing how less complex coins are made.

Another look at coinmaking (admittedly, not as fancy as most Euros):

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Ah. I wonder, how easy is it to make them at home? :)

By Alex Besogonov (not verified) on 26 Mar 2010 #permalink

very interesting!

but I'm curious as to which country that 2⬠coin is from... I don't recognise it and I thought I had all of them! must be a special edition... or perhaps San Marino, haven't seen those... :s