Koralle, 3

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Senckenberg Naturmuseum, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Image: GrrlScientist, 13 April 2010 [larger view]

This is another beautiful coral that I photographed recently at the Senckenberg Naturmuseum. If you were here today, I would unfortunately opt to show you photographs instead of venturing out into the volcanic ash. However, if you were here, you and I would recall the Mt St Helens explosion over cold beers, and we would look at the jar of volcanic ash that I have sitting near me (but of course, we would not open the lid because that stuff is finer than wheat flour and easily blown all over the flat).

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Or I could have a glass of cold white German wine and you could talk about your ideas on why coral skeletons are so shaped and so lovely and do they follow Divine Proportion? Or perhaps we would just get silly as the evening waned.