Things You CAN'T Do When You're NOT a Dog

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To kick off this week's Silly Saturday, here's a ridiculous look at what dogs can get away with but humans can't. (I've watched this several times and am surprised I haven't used it yet on the blog, so here it is now).

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But what about the crotch-sniffing? I had a dog who'd ram her nose up into visitors' crotches (generally ladies), then -- often -- sneeze violently.

The, ah, purely tongue-based personal hygiene?

The POOP-EATING? (Or faesting, as we call it in my household, though never at the dinner table). Well, I guess that's strongly discouraged even for dogs... it just happens to be gruesomely common.

I was wondering what they'd put "Tyler" through to make this sketch. At least they got the leg-humping!

I see there's another Rob on here... *waves*

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