Washington Post's Fred Hiatt and George Will: Stupid, Lying, or Craven? « The Way Things Break

So, George Will and the Washington Post are at it again, head over to Things Break for the details.

These institutions are oblivious to their own impending demise, a demise that articles like George Will's show they fully deserve.

[Update: Grist notes that Will is called out by name by his own paper for making claims contradicted by the facts...and let's call a spade a spade, given that he has been loudly and repeatedly informed of his factually incorrect claims and yet repeats them, he must be stupid or a liar.]

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I won't miss the WP when its gone. In a similar vein the Associated Press is up in arms again about Google getting rich off of their content, and trying to establish a way that newspapers could demand Googlegeld, their own version of Danegeld, a tribute tax they felt entitled to get just for being listed in Google. Daggle has a good article pointing our the flawed thinking of print publishers in the internet age.