CCW - Climate Change and National Security

Check out Peter's latest Climate Crock:

Oh those hysterical enviro-wacko-loons...

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Thanks for posting this, Coby. I have an uncle who is more likely to believe military types than science types. Groan.

I would highly recommend this video to everyone in the military.

Would he belong to the same Army that thinks it is going to "win" a war in Afghanistan? Or that thought it "won" a war in Iraq or was going to win one in Vietnam?

We already have all the instabilities they are worried about without benefit of climate change. I wonder if their answer to the problem is to increase the size, power and influence of the Military?

Still, it is nice to see that old pot-smoker and drink-driver Rosie "Rizla" Boycott is still getting her face out and about. She was always a party girl back in the day.

By Jack Savage (not verified) on 26 Jul 2010 #permalink