CCW - Blast from the Past

Another good video from greenman:

It is very discouragin to hear a 60 year old science program explaning exactly the same basics of climate change that Inhofe and half the new republican congress claim today is an IPCC hoax.

More like this

Those are really cool (no pun), Coby. Thanks for always posting them.

The only problem was that it didn't clearly/forcefull explain what the "crock" was--the idea that the science of warming is some new Gorian chicanery exposed by Inhofe and his storm troopers. To be perfect it should have had a quote from the esteemed Senator.

If you listen very, very carefully to our quietly spoken host's intro, you do hear him say something about deniers. But he never repeats it or reinforces it.

I don't mind, it's terrific.