Floridians: if you're not busy tonight, why not Do The Math?

(these are of course NA dates)

Event Title: Do the Math ... If you Love this Planet// Earth Night Gathering

Venue: Country Park {Mobile Home} Community Clubhouse

Location: Clearwater, FL

Start Time: Sunday, April 21, 7:00 PM

You can RSVP here: http://act.350.org/event/do_the_math_movie_attend/4678/signup/?t=2&akid=3034.683317.zTETWN



Event Title: "Do the Math" sustainability tour movie at Eckerd College.

Venue: Eckerd College Campus at Fox Hall

Location: St Petersburg, FL, FL

Start Time: Sunday, April 21, 7:00 PM

You can RSVP here: http://act.350.org/event/do_the_math_movie_attend/3975/signup/?t=2&akid=3034.683317.zTETWN



The movie is a tight 42-minutes, and tells a potent story of the climate movement that is rising up everywhere. If you haven't seen the trailer yet, you can check it out here:

Tomorrow, April 22nd, is Earth Day -- and so tonight, on "Earth Night", people everywhere will come together to build a movement to protect our planet. Of course, watching the movie is just the beginning -- we hope that it's the catalyst for the next wave of climate action.

Really hope you can make it to a local screening tonight!


Anna Goldstein for the team at 350.org

P.S. The Do the Math movie will ramp up the ongoing campaign to stop the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, which is why we're pushing to get 1 Million Comments against Keystone to the State Department before tomorrow's Earth Day deadline. At over 900,000 comments, we're so close to our goal -- now's the time for a final push: www.350.org/million

P.P.S. You can also check out the full map of Do the Math movie screenings by clicking here, and you can learn more at 350.org/math

350.org is building a global movement to solve the climate crisis. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, and sign up for email alerts. You can help power our work by getting involved locally, sharing your story, and donating here.


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