The Thermageddon Cult strikes again

The good Lord Monckton, self parody at its absolute finest:

This charming and lively man, with a soul and a wit that are eternal youth personified, is the latest victim of the vicious hate campaign sedulously waged by the canting profiteers of doom against anyone who dares to speak out against the now-discredited notion that the West should be shut down at once so as to Save The Planet from global-warming Thermageddon.

Bowing to extreme pressure from a handful of mad scientists (mad, that is, at the loss of income and prestige that the inexorable collapse of the Great Lie entails), the managing director of Copernicus scientific publishers, a formless lump of lard by the name of Rasmussen, has killed a promising new journal, Pattern Recognition in Physics.

The appalling Rasmussen’s monstrous reason for this 21st-century equivalent of Nazi-era book-burning? In a single glancing reference, the 19 authors who had contributed to a gripping special issue about planetary tidal influences on solar activity, edited by professor Mörner, had dared to dance in church.

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For another take on the same issue from the reality based community, try here:

The publisher of a journal apparently favored by climate change skeptics has shuttered it, saying that the editors changed the aim of the title and committed malpractice by using a peer reviewer selection process based on nepotism.

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Funniest thing I have read for ages!

And did they really write a series on the planetary tidal influences on solar activity - or am I reading that wrong?