Coming next week...The Planet of the Dead

Sorry, all. I'm all tied up putting the finishing touches on a grant application. However, via Behind the Sofa, I did come across this trailer for the next Doctor Who special, to be aired on Easter:

I suspect I'll have to fire up BitTorrent.

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I haven't watched Dr. Who since it was on PBS, and the grad students in the Biochemistry department where I was studying would huddle around the TV set (using an over the air antenna...these were the old days). This trailer reminds of a movie however:

Same looking animals, flying stingrays. Curious.

By the way, you do realize you can get Dr. Who from iTunes?

"Fire up BitTorrent"?

Shouldn't Orac be able just to plug into Ethernet socket and then hack the central MPAA server and download everything from there? :)

By Alex Besogonov (not verified) on 05 Apr 2009 #permalink

Would Hulu carry it? I'm just throwing that out there...

What Alex said, though...;)

I am into the Dr. Who spinoff of sorts, Torchwood. However, I can't tell if the series is going to fade off into the sunset.

Sorry, Michael. The third "season" is a five episode single-arc miniseries. I'm afraid it's curtains for Torchwood. (Lacy, gently wafting curtains...)

Can't wait for Planet of the Dead and Torchwood. With Torchwood jumping channels yet again it probably is make or break time.

Although without doubt what is causing the most excitement though is the (yet another) remake of Day of The Triffids, which should also be out later this year.

*shivers with anticipation*

Only one week left! Thank goodness for BitTorrent, or we could be waiting years! (Would it *kill* Sci-Fi, or BBC America, for that matter, to finally run the last Christmas special?)

By Calli Arcale (not verified) on 06 Apr 2009 #permalink

I had to make a Voyager joke but I could not come up with one... so here my post is ;)