Island of Doubtful commenters

I am pleased that activity on the Island of Doubt has increased in recent months. I manage to squeeze in a hour four or five days a week to write about what I think is the most serious public policy challenge of our time, and make what modest contribution I can to the debate, and I wish I could do more.

Indeed, I wish I could devote my entire working day to his blog. But I can't. I have to make a living and income for this blog covers little more than my DSL bill. So monitoring the comments on a hourly basis is out of the question. Until recently, that hasn't been a big problem. But the unfortunate reality is the increased traffic has resulted in a much lower signal-to-noise ratio in the comments.

I don't have the time to babysit, and evaluate each comment on its merits. So I have introduced commenter registration. For those who are still interested in taking part in the discussion here, and making mature contributions, I hope you will make the effort to register and do me the honor of continuing to visit and offering your thoughts. In turn, I will make a real effort to ensure anyone who abuses the privilege is tossed off the island.

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