An article that sucks

Over at Wired, Thomas Hayden kicks off his brief piece "Why Things Suck: Science" with the following nugget (what it's a nugget of, I'll leave up to you);

Morality, spirituality, the meaning of life -- science doesn't handle those issues well at all. But that's cool. We have art and religion for that stuff.

It doesn't get better from there, and Jake from Pure Pedantry has a near line-for-line takedown of Hayden's ramblings. If you're a fan of pop-evolutionary psychology (i.e. we're just a bunch of hunter gatherers trapped within technologies and cultures we created, hence all our social woes) you might find something to enjoy in Hayden's piece, but personally I wonder how such a bit of fluff ever made it to publication.


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Worst. Article. Ever. How are evolution and plate tectonics counterintuitive? Stupidity and intuition aren't the same thing.